Mondol Seima District

Mondol Seima
District (srok)
Country  Cambodia
Province Koh Kong
Communes 3
Villages 13
Population (1998)[1]
  Total 12,569
Time zone +7
Geocode 0906

Mondol Seima District (Khmer: ស្រុកមណ្ឌលសីម៉ា) is a district (srok) of Koh Kong Province, in south-western Cambodia. The Kah Bpow River flows through it.

Mondol Seima[2]
Khum (Commune) Phum (Villages)
Bak Khlang Bak Khlang Muoy, Bak Khlang Pir, Bak Khlang Bei, Boeng Kachhang, Kaoh Pao, Neang Kok, Cham Yeam
Peam Krasaob Peam Krasob Ti Muoy, Peam Krasob Ti Pir
Tuol Kokir Leu Tuol Kokir Kraom, Tuol Kokir Leu, Ta Chat, Kaoh Chak


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