Mohini (1948 film)

Directed by Lanka Sathiyam
Produced by M. Somasundharam
Written by A. S. A.Sami
Screenplay by S. D. Sundharam
Starring T. S. Balaiah
Madhuri Devi
M. G. Ramachandran
V. N. Janaki
Music by S. M. Subbaiah Naïdhu
C. R. Subburaman
Cinematography M. Masthan
Edited by D. Durairaj
Jupiter Pictures
Release dates
  • 31 October 1948 (1948-10-31)
Country India
Language Tamil

Mohini is a 1948 Tamil-language film directed by Lanka Sathiyam and produced by M. Somasundharam. It features V. N. Janaki, Madhuri Devi, T. S. Balaiah, M. G. Ramachandran, Pulimoottai Ramaswami, M. N. Nambiar and R. Balasubramaniam.[1]




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