Moherowe Berety (album)

Moherowe Berety
Studio album by Big Cyc
Released 2006
Genre Rock
Length 38:14
Label Universal Music Polska
Big Cyc chronology
Bombowe hity czyli the best of 1988-2004 Moherowe Berety Szambo i Perfumeria

Moherowe Berety was released in 2006 by Universal Music Polska. The cover of the album legally sold bearing a sticker with the slogan "CD banned in the Fourth Republic". In addition to the 12 tracks on the album, a video for the title song Moherowe Berety was recorded, funded by Sabina Kluszczyński of Heavy Vision.

Track listing

  1. Atakują Klony
  2. Moherowe Berety
  3. Złodzieje
  4. Mówi Bagdad
  5. Tajni Agenci
  6. I Ty Będziesz Miał 40 Lat
  7. Pechowy Jak Polak
  8. Dyktator
  9. Bazooka
  10. Błysk
  11. Mój Komputer
  12. Granice


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