Mohammed Ahmed Sadek

Mohammed Ahmed Sadek
Minister of War
In office
May 1971  October 1972
President Anwar Sadat
Preceded by Mohammed Fawzi
Succeeded by Ahmed Ismail Ali
Personal details
Nationality Egyptian
Alma mater Military academy
Frunze military academy (USSR)
Military service
Service/branch Egyptian Army
Years of service 1937–1972
Rank Colonel General
Unit Mechanized infantry
Battles/wars Palestine war
Suez campaign

Mohammed Ahmed Sadek was an Egyptian colonel general who served as defense minister under the rule of President Anwar Sadat.


Sadek graduated from the Egypt's military academy in 1938 and from the Frunze military academy in the Soviet Union.[1]


Sadek joined the army and took part in the Palestine war in 1948 and the Suez campaign in 1956.[1] From 1962 to 1964 he was military attaché at the Egypt's embassy in Bonn.[1] Then he was made the curricula director of the military academy in 1965 and his term lasted until 1967.[1] He served as the head of military intelligence from June 1967 to 1969.[1][2] In September 1969, he briefly acted as the general secretary of the Pan Arab Organization, being in charge of military affairs.[1] He was also named as the chief of the Egyptian army staff by President Gamal Abdel Nasser in September 1969.[3] In 1970, Sadek was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general.[1]

Sadek was appointed defense minister by Anwar Sadat in May 1971 when Mohammed Fawzi resigned from office.[4] Upon his appointment, he was promoted to full general.[5] When Sadek was in office, he also held the job of armed forces commander in chief.[6] In October 1972, Sadek resigned from office, and was put under house arrest.[7] Sadek's anti-Soviet approach was cited as the reason for his resignation.[6] He was replaced by Ahmed Ismail Ali as defence minister in October 1972.[8]


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