Mladen III Šubić

Mladen III Šubić

Gravestone in the Trogir Cathedral.
Predecessor Mladen II
Successor Jelena Šubić
Reign 1315 - 1348
Born c. 1315
Dalmatia (modern Croatia)
Died 1348
Burial Trogir Cathedral
House Šubić
Father George II

Mladen III Šubić (Croatian: Mladen III. Šubić) (c. 1315 – Trogir, 1 May 1348) was a member of the Croatian Šubić noble family, who ruled from Klis Fortress. He was in possession of Klis, Omiš and Skradin.[1]

Family connections

Mladen III Šubić was (probably oldest) son of Juraj II Šubić and grandson of Pavao I Šubić Bribirski, who was the most powerful Croatian noble at the end of the thirteenth century and beginning of the fourteenth century.

Mladen III Šubić had two children.


Mladen III ruled from Klis Fortress from 1330–1348, and was named ("shield of the Croats") by the people. He was the famous Šubić from Klis, where he married his sister Jelena Šubić (died c. 1378) to Regent of Bosnia Vladislav Kotromanić. Jelena Šubić gave birth to the first Bosnian king, Tvrtko I. Regardless of the diplomatic and dynastic success, Mladen could not save Šubić family from its fall, because he was almost only one left to defend it. Before the death he married Serbian Jelena, half-sister of the Serbian ruler Dušan, but even this relationship couldn't help Šubić's family.

Dux Mladen III Šubić died in 1348, from the plague, and is buried in the Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Trogir.

The aftermath

Mladen III Šubić ruled from Klis Fortress.

After Mladen's death, a great political and military struggle for control over Klis Fortress arose.

After several diplomatic games and battles between the armies, Klis became again the city of Croatian-Hungarian king Louis I of Hungary (Ludovik I. Anžuvinac).


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