Missan Oil Company

Republic of Iraq
Missan Oil Company
شركة نفط ميسان

Agency overview
Headquarters Amarah, Maysan Iraq
Coordinates: 31°49′15″N 47°9′43″E / 31.82083°N 47.16194°E / 31.82083; 47.16194
Agency executives
  • Ali Muarej, Director General
  • Adnan Noshisajrt, Operation division
Parent agency Ministry of Oil
Website http://www.moc.oil.gov.iq

Missan Oil Company is a state-owned oil and gas company located in the Maysan Governorate, Iraq.
It was spun off from South Oil Company in 2008 to expand oil activities in Maysan and to set up joint ventures with international companies to develop the province's oil fields.[1]


The Maysan Oil Company (MOC) is responsible for fields in the Maysan province which include six producing fields (Bazergan, Abu-Gharb, Fakka and Halfaya), as well as Majnoon, which it operates in partnership with the South Oil Company. Maysan also holds five discovered but unproducing fields, including the Huweiza, al-Rafi’e, East Rafidan, Dujeila and Kumait fields.[2]

The company's headquarters are in the capital of Maysan province, Amara.[2] Managing Director Ali Muarij was reported to have been removed from the post in June 2011 after being charged with bad administration and failure to achieve higher oil production results during his tenure.[3] However, as of mid-2012 press reports suggested he was still in his post as head of the company.[4]

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