Miss Universe Denmark

Miss Universe Denmark
Motto Confidently Beautiful
Formation 1952
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Copenhagen
Miss Universe
Official language
Executive National Director
Anders de Voss & John Paul Hamilton
Key people
Aino Korva
Website www.faceofdenmark.dk

Miss Universe Denmark is a national beauty pageant in Denmark that selects the representative to the Miss Universe. Since 2015, Miss Universe Denmark is selected by the Face of Denmark organization.


Since 2015 The Face of Denmark competition operates as its own production under Anders Hamilton de Voss and his partner John Paul Hamilton de Voss.

Aino Korva, the only Dane to place in the top 5 at Miss Universe, Žaklina Šojić, the last Dane to place in the top 15 at Miss Universe in 2007, are directly involved with the fundamentals of the new "Face of Denmark" competition.[1][2]


Since 2015 The Face of Denmark competition operates as its own production under Anders Hamilton de Voss and his partner John Paul Hamilton de Voss.

Between 1986 and 1995, Bo Andersen handled the Miss Universe Denmark franchise, where such notable Danish icons, who were not Miss Denmark, but competed at Miss Universe, were found, including supermodel Helena Christensen and Danish T.V. personality Maria Hirse.

From 1996 until 2013, Memborg models operated the franchise.[3]

Miss Universe Denmark

Color key
  •      Declared as the Winner
  •      Ended as a Runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the Finalists or Semi-finalists

Denmark did not compete at Miss Universe in the following years: 1954–57, 1962, 1971, 1974, 1991, 1997–99, 2001–2003, 2009, 2014.

YearMiss DanmarkRepresentedPlacementSpecial Awards
1952 Hanne Sørensen Copenhagen Unplaced
1953 Jytte Olsen Copenhagen Top 15
1958 Evy Norlund Copenhagen Top 15
1959 Lisa Stolberg Copenhagen Unplaced
1960 Lizzie Ellinor Hess Copenhagen Unplaced
1961 Jyette Nielsen Copenhagen Unplaced
1963 Aino Korva Copenhagen 1st Runner-up
1964 Yvonne Mortensen Copenhagen Unplaced
1965 Jeannette Christjansen Copenhagen Top 15
1966 Gitte Fleinert Copenhagen Top 15
1967 Margrethe Knudsen Copenhagen Top 15
1968 Gitte Broge Copenhagen Unplaced
1969 Jeanne Perfeldt Copenhagen Unplaced
1970 Winnie Hollmann Copenhagen Unplaced
1972 Marianne Schmidt Copenhagen Unplaced
1973 Anette Grankvist Copenhagen Unplaced
1975 Berit Frederiksen Stevns Unplaced
1976 Brigitte Trolle Copenhagen Unplaced
1977 Inge Eline Erlandsen Copenhagen Unplaced
1978 Anita Heske Copenhagen Unplaced
1979 Lone Jørgensen Funen Unplaced Swimsuit (26th)
1980 Jane Bill Copenhagen Unplaced Swimsuit (21st)
1981 Tina Brandstrup Copenhagen UnplacedMiss Photogenic
1982 Tina Maria Nielsen Copenhagen Unplaced Swimsuit (31st)
1983 Inge Ravn Thomsen Copenhagen Unplaced Swimsuit (5th)
1984 Catharina Clausen Copenhagen Unplaced Swimsuit (21st)
1985 Susan Boje Rasmussen Copenhagen Unplaced
1986 Helena Christensen Copenhagen Unplaced Swimsuit (33rd)
1987 Nanna-Louise Johansen Sønderborg Unplaced Swimsuit (60th)
1988 Pernille Nathansen Favrskov Unplaced
1989 Louise Mejlhede Copenhagen Unplaced
1990 Maj-Britt Jensen Copenhagen 56th Placed
1992 Anne Mette Voss Copenhagen 50th Placed
1993 Maria Josephine Hirse Copenhagen 19th Placed
1994 Gitte Andersen Copenhagen 15th Placed
1995 Tina Dam Aalborg 76th Placed
1996 Anette Oldenborg Copenhagen 56th Placed
2000 Heidi Meyer Vallentin Copenhagen Unplaced
2004 Tina Christensen Copenhagen Unplaced
2005 Gitte Hanspal Roskilde Unplaced
2006 Betina Faurbye Copenhagen Top 20
2007 Žaklina Šojić Copenhagen Top 15
2008 Marie Sten-Knudsen Copenhagen Unplaced
2010 Ena Sandra Causevic Sønderborg Unplaced
2011 Sandra Amer Hamad Copenhagen Unplaced
2012 Josefine Hewitt Copenhagen Unplaced
2013 Cecilia Iftikhar Copenhagen Unplaced
2015 Cecilie Wellemberg Rungsted Kyst Unplaced
2016 Christina Mikkelsen Copenhagen TBA


Supermodel Helena Christensen began her career in 1986 as Miss Universe Denmark. In the same year, Pia Rosenberg Larsen won Miss Denmark and competed at Miss International, where she placed as first runner-up. In 1993, T.V. personality and actress Maria Hirse won Miss Universe Denmark, but like Helena Christensen, failed to place at Miss Universe.[4][5]

This contest is unrelated to the Miss Denmark pageant.


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