Miss District of Columbia Teen USA

Miss District of Columbia Teen USA
Formation 1983
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Miss Teen USA
Official language
Website Official website
Mercedes Lindsay, Miss District of Columbia USA 2007 and Jasmine Alexis, Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2007

The Miss District of Columbia Teen USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the District of Columbia in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

With only three semi-finalist placings, the District of Columbia is one of the least successful jurisdictions at Miss Teen USA. One of those semi finalists, Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2000 Tiara Christen Dews, was one of only three District of Columbia teens to win the Miss District of Columbia USA crown.

Results summary




  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss Teen USA Special awards at Miss Teen USA Notes
2016 Dylan Murphy Washington, DC 17
2015 Niara Iman (Tarleton-Allen) Washington, DC 17
2014 Dominick Fink Washington, DC 17 Previously Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen 2011; *Student at Old Dominion University
2013 Despina Ades Washington, DC 19 *Student at George Washington University
2012 Sierra Hadley Washington, DC 18
2011 Imani Bentham Washington, DC 19 *Student at George Washington University
2010 Jeneffer Lopez Washington, DC
2009 Jessica Nowlin Washington, DC
2008 Ivana Grace Washington, DC 16
2007 Jasmine Alexis Washington, DC 16 Assumed the title after winner Ava Goldson relinquished title. Later Miss District of Columbia's Outstanding Teen 2008, Top 10 at Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2008. Crowned the first Miss Black USA Talented Teen 2009.
Ava Goldson Washington, DC Resigned to attend Spelman College.
2006 Jasmine Niernberger Washington, DC 17
2005 Danai Mattison Washington, DC 18
2004 Nicole White Washington, DC 16 Later Miss District of Columbia USA 2009
2003 Natasha Prakash Washington, DC 18
2002 Glovindria Burgess Washington, DC
2001 Jacqueline Drakeford Washington, DC 18 Semi-finalist
2000 Tiara Christen Dews Washington, DC 17 Semi-finalist Later Miss District of Columbia USA 2004; had a special relationship with the Clinton administration, which started when she was chosen to present flowers to President Clinton in 1993.[1]
1999 Shelly Braxton-Brooks Washington, DC
1998 Chartese De Quinta Day Washington, DC
1997 Cheri Vivette Alexander Washington, DC
1996 Shannan McCray Washington, DC
1995 Michelle Dollie Wright Washington, DC 18 Later Miss District of Columbia USA 2003
1994 Tamara Yvette McDowell Washington, DC
1993 Rebecca Marie Slobig[2] Washington, DC
1992 Did Not Compete
1991 Marja Allen Washington, DC
1990 Cherrelle Robinson Washington, DC Miss Congeniality
1989 Christina Patino Washington, DC
1988 Sabrina Curtis Washington, DC
1987 Ni'Cole Bobbitt Washington, DC Semi-finalist
1986 Melissa Gilbert Washington, DC
1985 Meisha Hayes Washington, DC
1984 Suzi Simpson Washington, DC
1983 Patricia Custis Washington, DC

1 Age at the time of the Miss Teen USA pageant


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