Mislinja (river)

The Mislinja in Slovenj Gradec
The average monthly discharge of the Mislinja at Otiški Vrh (1971–2000)

The Mislinja (pronounced [miˈsliːnja]) is a river in the northern part of Slovenia. It is 36 km (22 mi) long.[1] It flows through Mislinja and Slovenj Gradec and empties from the right into the Meža River north of the village of Otiški Vrh near Dravograd, only a couple hundred meters before the Meža joins the Drava River.


The name Mislinja is derived from the phrase *Myslin'a (voda) (literally, 'Myslinъ's creek'), thus referring to a person or people living along the watercourse. The hypocorism *Myslinъ is derived from the personal name *Myslь. The town of Mislinja is named after the river.[2]


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