Mirada de mujer, el regreso

Mirada de mujer
El Regreso
Genre Telenovela
Created by Araceli Monsell
Written by Luis Felipe Ybarra
Directed by
  • Raúl Quintanilla Matiella
  • Jorge Ríos Villanueva
Music by Gilberto Santa Rosa
Opening theme "Mentira" (Gilberto Santa Rosa)
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 245
  • Elisa Salinas
  • Myrna Ojeda (executive producer)
  • Pedro Lira (executive producer)
Cinematography Jorge Rios Villanueva
Original network TV Azteca
Original release 2003

Mirada de mujer: El regreso (English: The Gaze of a Woman: The Return) is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcast on TV Azteca in 2003. It is the sequel of Mirada de Mujer (1997).


The story takes place seven years after the end of Mirada de Mujer, when Alejandro Salas had left for Spain with his son, Alex. While in Spain, Alejandro has become an internationally acclaimed author. He is also involved with a woman named Verónica. Seven years later he comes back to Mexico to receive an award for his book. In the meantime, María Inés decides to marry Jerónimo Cardenas, a doctor. Ignacio, María Inés' former husband, is about to run for Senate. He soon discovers that Daniela, his young wife, is cheating on him.
While María Inés visits the grave of her best friend, Paulina, she meets Alejandro. The story develops and María Inés must choose between Alejandro or Jerónimo.

Theme song

The theme song of the telenovela is "Mentira" (in English "It's a lie") and it is performed by Gilberto Santa Rosa.


Angélica Aragón as María Inés Domínguez de San Millán
Ari Telch as Alejandro Salas
Héctor Bonilla as Jerónimo
Fernando Luján as Lic. Ignacio San Millán
Evangelina Elizondo as Doña Emilia Elena viuda de Domínguez 'Mamá Elena'
Verónica Langer as Rosario
María Renée Prudencio as Adriana San Millán
Bárbara Mori as Mónica San Millán
Plutarco Haza as Andrés San Millán
Álvaro Carcaño Jr as Nicolás
Olmo Araiza as Alex Salas
Patricia Llaca as Verónica Segovia
Mónica Dionne as Paloma Santiago
René Gatica as Francisco
Iliana Fox as Ana Camila
Anna Ciocchetti as Sara Cárdenas
Hector Arredondo as Julián
Mauricio Ochmann .... José Chacón
Ana Serradilla as Carolina
Martha Mariana Castro as Daniela
Rodrigo Abed as Rodrigo
Xavier Massimi as Santiago
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