Miró II of Cerdanya

Miró II of Cerdanya and I of Besalú (878?-927), was count of Cerdanya from 897 to 927 and of Besalú from 920 to 927. The lands he controlled lay in the eastern Pyrenees.

He was the son of Wilfred the Hairy, Count of Barcelona, from whom he inherited the county of Cerdanya. His brother Sunifred received the county of Urgell, and his brothers Wilfred II Borrell and Sunyer I received the county of Barcelona. After the death of his uncle, Radulf of Besalú, in 920, he inherited the county of Besalú.[1] His sister, Hemmo (Emma), became abbess of the Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses in Ripollès founded by their father.

Miro continued the work of his father, contributing to the ecclesiastical restoration of the pagus of Berga.

He and his wife had four sons and one daughter:

Also, his relationship with Virgilia of Empúries, daughter of Dela, count of Empúries, produced (among others):


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Preceded by
Wilfred the Hairy
Count of Cerdanya
Succeeded by
Sunifred II
Preceded by
Count of Besalú
Succeeded by
Wilfred II of Besalú
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