Ministry of the Presidency (Spain)

Ministry of the Presidency of Spain
Ministerio de la Presidencia de España
Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría

since 22 December 2011
Style Señor (m) Señora (f)
Appointer Mariano Rajoy
Inaugural holder Luis Carrero Blanco
Formation 1951

The Ministry of the Presidency, Spanish: Ministerio de la Presidencia, is the ministerial department of the Government of Spain which assures the link between the different Ministries and with the President of the Government.


The functions of the Minister of the Presidency are the following ones:

Organic structure

Under the Minister there are the following units:

Dependent organisms

List of Ministers

(1) Undersecretaries of the Presidency (2) Minister of the Presidency and of the Regional Administrations


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