Ministry of Sports (Brazil)

Ministry of Sports
Ministry overview
Formed January 1995
Headquarters Brasília, Distrito Federal
Annual budget R$ 2,6 billion (2015)[1]
Minister responsible
  • Leonardo Picciani

The Ministry of Sports (Portuguese: Ministério do Esporte) is a cabinet-level federal ministry in Brazil. It was established in 1995 as the "Special Ministry of Sports"; in 1998, this became the "Ministry of Sports and Tourism". In 2003, the Ministry of Tourism was separated from its portfolio. The current Minister of Sports is George Hilton, who replaced Aldo Rebelo in January 2015. On March 30, 2015, George Hilton resigned from his position. Since then, Leonardo Picciani has taken over as interim Minister.

The Ministry directs the National Institute of Sport Development (INDD).

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