Ministry of Interior (Oman)

Sultanate of Oman
Ministry of Interior
وزارة الداخلية

Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Oman
Headquarters Muscat Oman
Coordinates: 23°35′56″N 58°25′58″E / 23.59889°N 58.43278°E / 23.59889; 58.43278
Agency executive
  • Hamoud Bin Faisal Albusaidi, Minister
Website Official website

The Ministry of Interior is the governmental body in the Sultanate of Oman responsible for supervising administrative issues in the various Wilayat of the country, dealing with tribal issues, and overseeing the election process of the Shura Council.

Former Senior Officers


  1. Royal Decree No 40.74 (Untitled), issued on November 17, 1974

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