Ministry of Defence (Indonesia)

Republic of Indonesia
Ministry of Defence
Kementerian Pertahanan
Ministry overview
Formed 19 August 1945
Jurisdiction  Indonesia
Headquarters Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat No. 13-14
10110 Jakarta
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia, formerly the Department of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia is a government ministry responsible for Indonesian defence affairs. The minister is currently Ryamizard Ryacudu.

The Ministry of Defence is the one of three ministries (along with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs) explicitly mentioned in Constitution of Indonesia, which means the three ministries cannot be replaced or dissolved by the President.

If Indonesia's president and vice-president die, resign, or are unable to perform their duties, the Minister of Defence, along with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs, jointly hold the position of the president and the vice-president until the succeeding president and vice-president is elected by the People's Consultative Assembly.

List of Ministers

  1. Supriyadi (September 1945–October 1945)
  2. Imam Muhammad Suliyoadikusumo (October 1945–November 1945)
  3. Mr. Amir Sjarifuddin (November 1945–January 1948)
  4. Drs. Mohammad Hatta (January 1948–December 1948)
  5. Hamengkubuwono IX (August 1949–June 1950) & (April 1952–June 1953)
  6. Dr. Abdul Halim (June 1950–April 1951)
  7. Sewaka (April 1951–April 1952)
  8. Iwa Koesoemasoemantri (July 1953–August 1955)
  9. Burhanuddin Harahap (August 1955–March 1956)
  10. Mr. Ali Sastroamidjojo (March 1956–April 1957)
  11. Ir. Djoeanda Kartawidjaja (April 1957–July 1959)
  12. Gen. Abdul Haris Nasution (July 1959–February 1966)
  13. Maygen. M. Sarbini (February 1966–March 1966)
  14. Gen. Soeharto (March 1966–September 1971)
  15. Gen. Maraden Panggabean (September 1971–March 1978)
  16. Gen. Mohammad Jusuf (March 1978–March 1983)
  17. Gen. Poniman (March 1983–March 1988)
  18. Gen. Leonardus Benjamin Moerdani (March 1988–March 1993)
  19. Gen. Edi Sudradjat (March 1993–March 1998)
  20. Gen. Wiranto (March 1998–October 1999)
  21. Prof. Dr. Juwono Sudarsono (October 1999–August 2000) & (October 2004–October 2009)
  22. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahfud (August 2000–July 2001)
  23. Gen. (HOR) Agum Gumelar (July 2001–August 2001)
  24. Matori Abdul Djalil (August 2001–October 2004)
  25. Prof. Ir. Purnomo Yusgiantoro (October 2009–October 2014)
  26. Gen. (Ret.) Ryamizard Ryacudu (October 2014–now)

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