Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Italy)

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti or MIT) is the government ministry for transport in the Republic of Italy. It is responsible for all transport infrastructure (roads, motorways, railways, ports, airports) as well as general transport planning and logistics, especially for urban transport schemes. The current minister is Graziano Delrio.


Ministry of Public Works

The Ministry of Public Works was a ministry in the government of Italy dealing with all infrastructure matters, including roads, motorways, railways, ports, airports and other means of transport. It was set up in 1860, under the government of Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, with the first ministerial post being held by Stefano Jacini.

Ministry of Transports

The Ministry of Transports was born on 12 December 1944 when the third Bonomi government split the then Ministry of Communications into a Ministry of Transports and a Ministry for Post and Telecommunications.

Bassanini reforms and birth of the modern Ministry

On 11 June 2001, the second Berlusconi government was the first Italian government in history not to have a specific minister for public works, since the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry for Post and Telecommunications had all been merged into the new Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, created by the Bassanini reforms of 1999 (coming into force in 2001).

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