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The Minister of Labour for Northern Ireland was a member of the Executive Committee of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland (Cabinet) in the Parliament of Northern Ireland which governed Northern Ireland from 1921 to 1972. The post was retitled the Minister of Labour and National Insurance in 1949, and abolished in 1965.

# Name Took Office Prime Minister Party
1. John Miller Andrews 7 June 1921 Craig UUP
2. David Graham Shillington 21 April 1937 Craig UUP
3. John Fawcett Gordon 29 August 1938 Craig, Andrews UUP
4. William Grant 6 May 1943 Brookeborough UUP
5. Harry Midgley 31 May 1944 Brookeborough Commonwealth Labour
6. William Grant 17 July 1945 Brookeborough UUP
7. Brian Maginess 2 August 1945 Brookeborough UUP
8. William McCleery 12 April 1949 Brookeborough UUP
9. Harry Midgley 4 November 1949 Brookeborough UUP
10. Ivan Neill 12 January 1950 Brookeborough UUP
11. Herbert Kirk 12 March 1962 Brookeborough, O'Neill UUP
12. William James Morgan 22 July 1964 O'Neill UUP

Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Home Affairs


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