Minica Huitoto

Minica Huitoto
Native to Colombia, Perú
Native speakers
6,800 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 hto
Glottolog mini1256[2]

Minica (Mɨnɨka) Huitoto is one of three indigenous American Huitoto languages of the Witotoan family spoken by a few thousand speakers in western South America.[3]

It is spoken in the Upper Igara-Paraná river area, along the Caquetá River at the Isla de los Monos, and the Caguán River near San Vicente del Caguán. There is 75% literacy in Colombia and 85% are literate in Spanish; most are bilingual. There is a dictionary and grammar rules.[3]

There are only five speakers in Perú, where it has official standing within its community.[3]


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