Mine District, Yamaguchi

Mine District (美祢郡 Mine-gun) was a district located in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

On March 20, 2008, the day before its dissolution, the district consisted solely of the towns of Mitō (美東町) and Shūhō (秋芳町).


April 1, 1889 1889 - 1944 1945 - 2008 2008 - present
大田 (village) August 1, 1923
town status
October 1, 1954
Mitō (town)
March 21, 2008
Mine City
赤郷 (village)
綾木 (village)
真長田 (village)
大嶺 (village) May 1, 1939
town status
March 31, 1954
Mine City
伊佐 (village) January 1, 1924
town status
東厚保 (village)
西厚保 (village)
於福 (village)
秋吉 (village) April 1, 1955
Shūhō (town)
岩永 (village)
別府 (village)
共和 (village)

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