Military miniaturism

Military Miniaturism describes a hobby (some people would say it is an art) that covers military themed miniaturism of many types including,

Emphasis on realism, historical accuracy and scale congruity of the miniatures and their painting/finishing are important aspects of this hobby. Knowledge of history, events and geography also play a role in the development of subjects and themes. Complexity ranges from the simple assembly and painting of a model kit out of the box to the complete scratch building of a vehicle, aircraft or ship from materials such wood, plastic, metal or resin. Miniaturists compete for prizes and recognition among their peers in contests in most countries at various times of the year. The cost and skills involves mean that this has increasingly become a hobby for grown-ups rather than children, though there are still many kits suitable for completion by youngsters.

Often the military miniaturist will combine different kinds of miniatures in the same diorama; for example: vehicles and figures; aircraft and vehicles.

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