Milan belt railway

From Turin
Milano Certosa
To Milano Porta Garibaldi / Passante
Musocco junctionfrom Milano Porta Garibaldi
Milano Cadorna–Saronno line
Milano–Asso line
Seveso junction
To Milano Greco Pirelli
Milano Porta Garibaldi–Monza railway
From Milano Porta Garibaldi / from Milano Greco Pirelli
Naviglio Martesana
From Milano Centrale / Milano Greco Pirelli
From Milano Centrale
3.779 Milano Lambrate
To Venice
Passante (Pioltello branch)
Southern belt railway
Passante (Rogoredo branch)
Southern belt railway
Milano Rogoredo
To Genoa / Bologna

The Milan belt railway (Italian: Linea di cintura di Milano) is a semicircular railway linking the railway lines converging on Milan, Italy, with each other and the Milano Centrale station.

The belt railway was built during the reorganisation of the Milan railway junction, completed in 1931. It replaced an older belt line, which formed a complete ring; only part of the southern section of the old line remains in service.

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