Mikunigaoka Station (Osaka)

Mikunigaoka Station layout
  • upper: Nankai Railway Koya Line
  • lower: JR West Hanwa Line


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Mozu / Mozuhachiman


Mikunigaoka Station (三国ヶ丘駅 (Nankai) / 三国ケ丘駅 (JR West) Mikunigaoka-eki) is a junction between the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) Hanwa Line and the Nankai Electric Railway Koya Line. While It is served by JR rapid trains, only Nankai semi-express train and local trains serve this stop. It is an example of the competition arising where different companies serve the same station.

Mi means 3 in Japanese, while kuni means "nation", "ga" is an archaic genetive particle and oka means "hill".

Mikunigoaka is part of Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka. Sakai itself is much older than Osaka, and Mikunigaoka is near the ancient tombs in Mozu.

Mikunigoaka itself is nondescript, not having many shops or other landmarks.


Nankai Railway (NK57)
1  Koya Line for Koyasan and (Semboku Rapid Railway) Izumi-Chuo
2  Koya Line for Namba
JR West
1  Hanwa Line for Ōtori, Wakayama and Kansai Airport
2  Hanwa Line for Tennōji and Osaka

Adjacent stations

« Service »
Nankai Railway Koya Line (NK57)
Sakaihigashi (NK56)   Local (各駅停車)   Mozuhachiman (NK58)
Sakaihigashi (NK56)   Semi-Express   Mozuhachiman (NK58)
Sub. Express: Does not stop at this station
Express: Does not stop at this station
Rapid Express: Does not stop at this station
Limited Express "Koya", "Rinkan", "Semboku Liner": Does not stop at this station
JR West Hanwa Line
Sakaishi   Local   Mozu
Sakaishi   Regional Rapid Service   Ōtori
Sakaishi   Direct Rapid Service   Ōtori
Sakaishi   B Rapid Service   Ōtori
Sakaishi   Rapid Service   Ōtori
Sakaishi   Kansai Airport Rapid Service   Ōtori
Sakaishi   Kishuji Rapid Service   Ōtori
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Coordinates: 34°33′54.95″N 135°29′34.05″E / 34.5652639°N 135.4927917°E / 34.5652639; 135.4927917

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