Miklós Vay

Miklós Vay
Speaker of the House of Magnates
In office
17 January 1888  13 May 1894
Preceded by Pál Sennyey
Succeeded by József Szlávy
Personal details
Born 29 April 1802
Alsózsolca, Kingdom of Hungary
Died 13 May 1894 (aged 92)
Budapest, Austria-Hungary
Profession politician
The native form of this personal name is vajai és laskodi báró Vay Miklós. This article uses the Western name order.

Baron Miklós Vay de Vaja et Laskod (29 April 1802 13 May 1894) was a Hungarian politician, who served as Speaker of the House of Magnates between 1888 and 1894, his death.


He was born in Alsózsolca on 29 April 1802. His father was Hussar General Miklós I Vay. After finishing law studies he managed his family estates. He participated in the policy of Zemplén County since 1825; deputy recorder, then deputy lieutenant (Viscount; vicecomes), emissary in the Diet of Hungary. During the Cholera Riots in 1831 he was appointed Government Commissioner. He became governor of the Lord Lieutenant of Borsod County in 1831. He served as Lord Lieutenant (Count; comes) of the county from 1865 to 1867.

He functioned as Administrator of the Calvinist Diocese of Tiszántúl from 1840. He was appointed Crown Guard in 1844. He was a member of the Hungarian Royal Council of Governor (Helytartótanács) since 1845. He was appointed Royal Commissioner to Transylvania by the Cabinet of Lajos Batthyány in June 1848. The Prime Minister realised that he could not compromise with the Emperor, so on 2 October he resigned again and nominated Vay as his successor. However he declined the position. At the end of the year he retired from the politics.

Despite this he was arrested and sentenced to death after defeat of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. The punishment was changed to 4 years imprisonment by King Francis Joseph I. He released after 8 months. He returned to the politics after a decade of silence when he participated in the movements of the Protestants against the religious edict. He was appointed Court Chancellor in 1860 but resigned after a year when the King dissloved the Diet of 1861. After the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 he served as a Crown Guard again. He was appointed Speaker of the House of Magnates in 1888, when his predecessor Pál Sennyey died in office. Vay became Priviy Councillor and Chairman of the Calvinist Convention in Hungary. Miklós Vay died in Budapest on 13 May 1894, at the age of 92.


Political offices
Preceded by
Pál Sennyey
Speaker of the House of Magnates
Succeeded by
József Szlávy

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