Mike Schmitz

Michael Schmitz
Religion Catholic
Religious career
Ordination 2003, Diocese of Duluth

Fr. Mike Schmitz is an American Catholic speaker, and a priest in the Diocese of Duluth. He has been a speaker for various Catholic programming, including the Fellowship of Catholic University Students leadership summit,[1] Ascension Press,[2] and Stuebenville conferences.[3] Lighthouse Catholic Media publishes many of his talks.[4]


Though raised in a Catholic family, Schmitz was largely indifferent about Catholicism until a particular experience of confession at age 15.[4] According to Schmitz, this encounter "led me down the road to asking God what He wants."[4] He attended Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity and was ordained in 2003 for the Diocese of Duluth.[3] He is the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the diocese.[5] He is the Newman Center chaplain at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.


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