Mike Perkins

Mike Perkins

Perkins at the midnight signing of The Dark Tower: Treachery and The Stand: Captain Trips at Midtown Comics Times Square, on 10 September 2008.
Nationality British
Area(s) Artist, Inker
Notable works
Carver Hale
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
House of M: Avengers
The Stand

Mike Perkins is a British comic book artist known for his inking work and full art duties on comic books such as Captain America, Ruse and Stephen King's The Stand.


Mike Perkins began drawing at a very early age. After attending the Bournville College of Art, Birmingham, England he set himself up as a self-employed artist and pursued work in comics.

As well as illustrating children's books and educational literature, Perkin's career has encompassed computer game design, album covers and business-centered graphic design, although it is probably for his comic book work that he is more widely known.

Perkins' early professional work included work for the British anthology 2000 AD, Marvel UK, Ginn Publishing, Dorling Kindersley and Oxford University Press.

This led to further work in the American market with both DC Comics and Caliber Comics; where he worked on Kilroy is Here, Black Mist, Amongst The Stars, Negative Burn, St. Germaine, Brian Lumley's Necroscope and an adaptation of Doctor Faustus. The latter being a collaboration with Mike Carey, with whom he has worked with throughout his career – most notably on the co-created Carver Hale for 2000 AD and Spellbinders for Marvel Comics.

His first sole inking job, over the pencils of Phil Winslade, led to other inking opportunities at DC and Dark Horse Comics which in turn opened the doors to being asked to join the then new Florida-based comic company CrossGen.

While there, he primarily inked the series Ruse, and worked alongside Mark Waid, Butch Guice and Laura Martin. He also pencilled and inked Archard's Agents and co-created Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with Tony Bedard. He subsequently signed exclusively with Marvel Comics, where he has continued to work until the present time.

At Marvel he has worked on books such as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spellbinders, Annihilation Conquest, House of M: Avengers and Union Jack,[1] but has most notably been part of the artistic team (alongside Steve Epting) on Ed Brubaker run of Captain America.

His most recent project is illustrating The Stand: Captain Trips, Marvel Comics' adaptation of Stephen King's novel, The Stand on which he collaborates once more with colourist Laura Martin.[2][3]


Comics work includes:


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