Mike Chavez-Dawson

Mike Chavez-Dawson

A Collaborative Portrait of Artist Curator Mike Chavez-Dawson at his Atelier – Rogue Artists Studios, Manchester, 2014
Born Mike Dawson
(1974-04-14) 14 April 1974
Maidstone, Kent, England
Nationality British
Alma mater Manchester Metropolitan University
Camberwell School of Art
Known for Drawing, Photography, Painting, Curation, Conceptual
Spouse(s) Jane Chavez Dawson

Mike Chavez-Dawson (born 1974 in Maidstone) is an English artist and curator.

Life and career

Chavez-Dawson graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, Interactive Arts BA (Hons) in 1997 and MA (Art as Environment) in 1999. He is attaining a PhD (by practice) research fellow at MIRIAD under the supervision of Prof. Jim Aulich and Prof. John Hyatt. He was the Visual Arts Editor for FLUX[1] and founding curator for Flux Space.

Chavez-Dawson's work covers a number of disciplines including fine art & design, performance, music, curating and publishing.[2] Collaborating with artist Len Horsey, he has devised a variety of performance and multi-part works titled 'Artours' as live texts for numerous group exhibitions, projects and events.[3]

The Guardian complimented the "imaginative flair" of Chavez-Dawson's curatorial work for David Shrigley.[4] This exhibition supported Shrigley's nomination for the Turner Prize 2013.[5]

Chavez-Dawson judged the neo:artprize 2013.[6]


Curated projects



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