Mihr Narseh

Mihr Narseh
Born 4th century
Abruwan, Ardashir-Khwarrah, Pars
Died 5th century
Abruwan, Ardashir-Khwarrah, Pars
Allegiance Sasanian Empire
Rank Wuzurg framadār
Battles/wars Roman–Sasanian War (421–422)
Battle of Avarayr

Mihr Narseh, was a powerful Iranian nobleman from the House of Suren, who served as minister (wuzurg framadār) of the Sasanian Empire during the reigns of the Sasanian kings Yazdegerd I (399-420), Bahram V (420–438), Yazdegerd II (438–457) and Peroz I (457–484).


Mehr-Narseh was born in the 4th-century in the village of Abruwan in the rural district of Dasht-e Barin in the administrative division of Ardashir-Khwarrah, in southwestern Pars. He belonged to the Suren Parsig family, a branch of the House of Suren which had settled in Pars. He was the son of a certain Boraza, who may have owned Dasht-e Barin as part of his fief.[1]

In the early 5th-century, Mihr Narseh had a bridge built in Gor. A inscription was also written on the bridge, which says; "This bridge was built by order of Mihr-Narseh, wuzurg framadār, for his soul's sake and at his own expense... Whoever has come on this road let him give a blessing to Mihr-Narseh and his sons for that he thus bridged this crossing."[2] Furthermore, he also founded four villages with a fire-temple in each of them. The name of the fire-temples were; Faraz-mara-awar-khwadaya, Zurwandadan, Kardadan, and Mahgushnaspan. He had a fifth fire-temple constructed in Abruwan, which may have been the Barin fire-temple that the 10th-century Persian geographer Estakhri visited, who stated that the fire-temple had an inscription that stated 30,000 dirhams was spent for its construction.[1]

Mihr Narseh later retired in Pars.[1] He may have been succeeded by Suren Pahlav. He had three sons named Zurwandad, Kardar, and Mahgushnasp.



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