Microsoft Academic Search

Microsoft Academic Search
Type of site
Bibliographic database
Owner Microsoft
Commercial No

Microsoft Academic Search was a free public search engine for academic papers and literature, developed by Microsoft Research for the purpose of algorithms research in object-level vertical search,[1] data mining, entity linking, and data visualization.[2] Although largely functional, the service was not intended to be a production web site and has all but been taken offline, as was originally intended when the research goals of the project had been met.[3] According to a 2014 publication on arXiv, the service has not been updated since 2013 and seen a marked decline in the number of indexed documents since 2011.[4] The fact that this decline has not been reported on earlier indicates to the authors that the service was largely ignored by academics and bibliometricians alike.[4]

Microsoft Academic is a semantic network consisting of the bibliographic information (metadata) for academic papers published in journals, conference proceedings, as well as authors, journals, conferences, and universities. As of February 2014, it has indexed over 39.9 million publications and 19.9 million authors.[5]

In July 2014, Microsoft Research announced that Microsoft Academic was evolving from a research project to a production service, and would be integrating with Microsoft's flagship search engine, Bing, and its intelligent personal assistant service, Cortana. “By growing Microsoft Academic Search from a research effort to production,” [Microsoft Research's Kuansan] Wang says, “our goal is to make Bing-powered Cortana the best personal research assistant for our users" [6]

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