Micronesian Pidgin English

Micronesian Pidgin English
Region Micronesia
Era Late 19th century; survives in Nauruan Pidgin English
English-based pidgin
  • Pacific

    • Micronesian Pidgin English
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Micronesian Pidgin is an English-based pidgin language spoken in nineteenth-century Micronesia. It may have been related to Melanesian Pidgin English, due to a number of workers from Melanesia.

English-speaking traders dominated the area from about 1840, and unstable pidgins were in use by 1860. It may have creolized in some beach communities of Kusaie, but no data is available. In 1899 the area passed to German control, and since English pidgin was not used for local inter-ethnic communication, it quickly disappeared: It had been replaced by German by the time German control ended in 1919. The one exception is on Nauru, where it appears to have combined with Chinese Pidgin English to create Nauruan Pidgin English.

Micronesia includes the Carolines, Marshalls and Gilberts.[1]

There is only 15 - 30 native speakers left worldwide.[2]


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