Mick Glossop

Mick Glossop is an English record producer and recording engineer. In 2009 he was awarded a Visiting Professorship at Leeds College of Music.[1]

Glossop was initially known for recording and producing new wave and punk bands such as Magazine, Public Image Ltd, The Ruts, The Skids and Penetration, but also had success working with many other artists, including Kevin Coyne, The Waterboys, Furniture, The Wonder Stuff, Frank Zappa, Paul Brady, Ian Gillan, RiTA, John Lee Hooker and Lloyd Cole.[2]

Since 1986 he has worked extensively with Van Morrison and for whom he has recorded and/or mixed 17 albums.[3]

Glossop was one of the original designers and chief engineer of Manor Studios and The Town House.[4]

In 2000 Glossop was featured in the book Behind the Glass by Howard Massey.[5]

In 2010 he was presented with the Music Producers Guild (UK) awards for Recording Engineer of the Year and Live Album of the Year.[6]

In May 2012 Glossop revealed he was working on new albums with Sebastopol and Phil "Swill" Odgers.[7]


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