Michel Modo

Michel Modo, born Michael Goi Henri Louis at Carpentras (Vaucluse) (born March 30, 1937 - died September 25, 2008), was a French actor and humorist. Michel died of cancer on September 25, 2008 to Vaires-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne).

He is best known in France for having formed in the late 1950s a comedy duo, Grosso et Modo, with actor Guy Grosso. The duo appeared in many movies with Louis de Funès, among which the series of Gendarmes de Saint Tropez, where he will played the role of Constable Berlicot alongside Michel Galabru, Jean Lefebvre and Christian Marin. They were also Laflûte and Quince in The Dream of a Summer Night by Jean-Christophe Averty.

Between 1993 and 1997 he is one of the recurring actors in the television series Highlander as Maurice Lolande, humorous character characterizing the average French person.

In December 2005, he stars in the television series Plus belle la vie alongside Colette Renard. He plays a bum philosopher disguised as Santa Claus.

He also dubbed several recurring characters in the French version of the animated series The Simpsons. At his sudden death in 2008 at the age of 71, when dubbing the last episodes of season 19, he was replaced on the spot by Gérard Rinaldi, who died in his turn from cancer on March 2, 2012.


  • La Belle Américaine (1961) as Slovak
  • All the Gold in the World (1961) as Tony
  • Carom Shots (1963) as Le facteur (uncredited)
  • Kriss Romani (1963) as Le garde de Pilate (uncredited)
  • Bebert and the Train (1963) as Un gendarme
  • Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez (1964) as Maréchal des Logis Berlicot
  • Les gorilles (1964) as Un agent cycliste
  • The Sucker (1965) as Un douanier
  • La tête du client (1965) as Le collègue de François-Joseph
  • Killer Spy (1965) as L'agent à la bicyclette qui verbalise #2
  • The Gendarme in New York (1965) as Maréchal des Logis Berlicot
  • What's Cooking in Paris (1966) as Petit Roger, un serveur
  • Don't Look Now, We're Being Shot At (1966) as Soldat allemand qui louche
  • Un homme de trop (1967) as Le juif torturé
  • La feldmarescialla (1967) as Fritz, Vogel's Assistant
  • The Gendarme Gets Married (1968) as Maréchal des Logis Berlicot
  • The Gendarme Takes Off (1970) as Maréchal des Logis Berlicot
  • Cry of the Cormoran (1970) as Le policier
  • The Edifying and Joyous Story of Colinot (1973) as Le frère Robichon
  • Operation Lady Marlene (1975) as Sansonnet
  • On a retrouvé la septième compagnie (1975) as Le soldat 'groupir'
  • The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (1976) as Peewit (voice)
  • Ne me touchez pas... (1977) as Albert
  • Le mille-pattes fait des claquettes (1977) as Le gendarme
  • Les Bidasses au pensionnat (1978) as Sergeant Michaud
  • Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose, 5. Teil: Die Bruchpiloten vom Königssee (1978) as Konrad Zillich
  • Le gendarme et les extra-terrestres (1979) as Maréchal des Logis Berlicot
  • We'll Grow Thin Together (1979) as Le clerc de notaire
  • Les fabuleuses aventures du légendaire Baron de Munchausen (1979) (voice)
  • L'avare (1980) as La merluche
  • Pétrole! Pétrole! (1981) as Alain Terrieur
  • Le jour se lève et les conneries commencent (1981) as Norbert
  • Les Bidasses aux grandes manœuvres (1981) as Sergent Merlin
  • Si ma gueule vous plaît (1981) as Le vendeur du sex-shop
  • Le gendarme et les gendarmettes (1982) as Maréchal des Logis Berlicot
  • Le braconnier de Dieu (1983) as The president of the polling station
  • Les Planqués du régiment (1983) as Adjudant Badubec
  • L'Exécutrice (1986) as Le commissaire
  • The Big Bang (1987) as Conseillé (voice)
  • My Father's Glory (1990) as le facteur
  • My Mother's Castle (1990) as Le facteur
  • Pétain (1993) as Pucheu
  • Bimboland (1998) as Aristide Roumestan
  • Poltergay (2006) as Henri 'Nanny' Bernier - le patron du bar
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