Michaela von Habsburg

Michaela von Habsburg
Born (1954-09-13) 13 September 1954
Würzburg, Bavaria
Spouse Eric Teran d'Antin
(m. 1984, div. 1994)
Count Hubertus von Kageneck
(m. 1994, div. 1998)
Issue Marc Joan d'Antin
Carla Regina d'Antin
Justin Christopher d'Antin
Full name
Michaela Maria Madeleine Kiliana Habsburg-Lothringen
House House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Otto von Habsburg
Mother Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen
Austrian Imperial Family

HI&RH Archduke Karl
HI&RH Archduchess Francesca

Michaela von Habsburg (Michaela Maria Madeleine Kiliana Habsburg-Lothringen) Imperial Princess and Archduchess Michaela of Austria, Royal Princess of Hungary (born 13 September 1954, in Würzburg),[1][2] The family name of Michaela Habsburg's father was declared to be Habsburg-Lothringen by an Austrian ministerial decision in 1957 and by a German court (Landgericht Würzburg) on 16 July 1958.

Otto was de facto stateless, living in Germany with a Spanish diplomatic passport, and was denied both entry to Austria and an Austrian passport. Otto's official name as a German citizen from 1978 was Otto von Habsburg. Michaela von Habsburg (Michaela Maria Madeleine Kiliana Habsburg-Lothringen) Princess Imperial and Archduchess of Austria, Princess Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, Countess of Kageneck (born 13 September 1954, in Würzburg), is the daughter of Otto von Habsburg and Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen.[3][4] She is the twin sister of Monika von Habsburg.

Marriage and issue

She married Eric Alba Teran d'Antin (1920–2004) on 14 January 1984 in Antón, Panama. They were divorced in 1994. After her divorce she married Count Hubertus von Kageneck, son of Count Franz Joseph von Kageneck and Princess Elisabeth Maria of Bavaria, on 22 October 1994. They divorced in 1998.[5]

She has three children by Eric Teran d'Antin:

Titles, styles and honours



National dynastic honour

Foreign honour



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