Michael Kacsics

Michael Kacsics
Voivode of Transylvania
Reign 1209–1212
Predecessor Benedict, son of Korlát
Successor Berthold of Merania
Spouse(s) unknown


Noble family gens Kacsics
Died after 1228

Michael from the kindred Kacsics (Hungarian: Kacsics nembeli Mihály, Croatian: Mihovil Kačić;[1] died after 1228) was a Hungarian distinguished nobleman from the gens Kacsics (Kačić). His parents' identity is unknown. His only brother was Simon Kacsics, ban of Slavonia in 1212. Michael had two sons, Leustachius, ancestor of the Zagyvafői family, and Falkos, the first member of the Falkos branch and grandfather of Thomas Szécsényi.[2]

Michael served as voivode of Transylvania between 1209 and 1212.[3][4] Besides that he was also ispán (comes) of Bihar County in 1209.[5] Michael was the first voivode to receive a land grant in the province of Transylvania, around 1210.[6] However, these originally uninhabited lands along the upper courses of the river Maros (present-day Mureș) were confiscated in 1228.[7]

He was appointed ban of Slavonia in 1212, alongside his brother. Simon, along with Peter, son of Töre, played a decisive role in the murder of Queen Gertrude of Merania in 1213. Michael probably also took part in the preparation of the assassination.[2] After the return of Andrew II of Hungary from Halychina, only Peter was executed by impalement, the Kacsics clan could retain their estates yet. The land confiscation in 1228 might be a sign of the subsequent retaliation.[8]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Benedict, son of Korlát
Voivode of Transylvania
Succeeded by
Berthold of Merania
Preceded by
Berthold of Merania
Ban of Slavonia
alongside Simon Kacsics

Succeeded by
Martin Hont-Pázmány
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