Mi pequeña Soledad

Mi pequeña Soledad
Genre Telenovela
Created by Jorge Lozano Soriano
Written by Marissa Garrido
René Muñoz
Dolores Ortega
Rosario Velicia
Magda Crisantes
Directed by Beatriz Sheridan
Starring Verónica Castro
Omar Fierro
Salvador Pineda
Antonio De Carlo
Angélica Rivera
Paola Ochoa
Roberto Ballesteros
Theme music composer Eduardo Magallanes
Opening theme Mi pequeña Soledad by Verónica Castro
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 160
Executive producer(s) Verónica Castro
Producer(s) Angelli Nesma Medina
José Alberto Castro
Location(s) Mexico City, Mexico
Cinematography Ernesto Arreola
Running time 21-22 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release May 14 – December 21, 1990
Preceded by Cuando llega el amor
Followed by Cadenas de amargura

Mi pequeña Soledad (English title: My little Soledad) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Verónica Castro for Televisa in 1990.[1]

Verónica Castro starred as protagonist, while Rosa María Bianchi, Salvador Pineda July Furlong and Roberto Ballesteros starred as antagonists.


As a young girl, Isadora (Verónica Castro) is voted to become the Silver Queen in Taxco, a Mexican village known for its silver handicrafts. The night before the coronation, in an act of jealousy, Isadora's former boyfriend Gerardo (Salvador Pineda) rapes her. For weeks Isadora refuses to tell anyone, but because of the strong love and trust she feels for her fiancé José Luis (Antonio De Carlo), she decides to tell him about it.

Just before the wedding, Gerardo confronts José Luis and provokes a fight. José Luis never arrives at the church for his wedding, and is later found stabbed to death. Isadora is carrying Gerardo's child, and her stepmother Piedad (Rosa María Bianchi) is terrified that this will force Gerardo to marry her.

Piedad is jealous of Isadora, and decides to get rid of the child at the first opportunity. Isadora leaves her family and moves to the city. Several years later, Soledad (also played by Verónica Castro) has grown into a kind and beautiful woman, and she moves to the city where she and Isadora meet.


  • Verónica Castro as Isadora Fernández Sierra de Arizmendi/Soledad "Sol" Contreras Hidalgo/María Soledad Salazar Fernández
  • Omar Fierro as Lic. Carlos Arizmendi
  • Salvador Pineda as Gerardo Salazar Ballesteros
  • Antonio De Carlo as José Luis Garza
  • Angélica Rivera as Marisa Villaseñor
  • Paola Ochoa as Malú Contreras
  • Roberto Ballesteros as Mateo Villaseñor Lomeli
  • Rosa María Bianchi as Piedad Sinisterra Vda De Fernández
  • July Furlong Natalia Villaseñor Lomeli
  • Carlos Bracho as Hernán Villaseñor Aguirre
  • Elsa Cárdenas as Bárbara
  • Silvia Caos as Elodia Abascal
  • Orlando Carrió as Fernando Abascal
  • Mapita Cortés as Blanquita
  • Gabriela Goldsmith as Ana Silvia Arizmendi Ventura
  • Alicia Fahr as Lidia
  • Cecilia Gabriela as Clara
  • Ana Bertha Lepe as Lolita Arizmendi
  • Rafael Rojas as Lalo
  • Roxana Saucedo as Sirena
  • Juan Carlos Serrán as Sebastián Díaz
  • Edmundo Arizpe
  • Rafael Baledón as Don Manuel Fernández
  • Alicia del Lago as Pura
  • Laura Flores as Dulce María
  • Sergio Sendel as Gustavo "Tavo"
  • Martha Zamora as Amparo Contreras
  • Alberto González as Ernesto
  • Javier Herranz as Guido
  • Norma Lazareno as Yolanda Salazar Ballesteros
  • Alexandra Loretto as Josefina
  • Rubén Morales as Alberto
  • René Muñoz as Gayetano
  • Ricardo Pal as Mario
  • Ernesto Rivas as Fay Contreras
  • Karen Sentíes as Employee
  • Óscar Vallejo as boy in Acapulco
  • Juan Zaizar as Employee
  • Socorro Bonilla as Toña
  • Alexis Ayala as Jorge "Coque" Abascal


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1991 9th TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela of the Year Verónica Castro Nominated
Best ActressWon
Best Antagonist Actress July Furlong
Rosa María Bianchi Nominated
Best Co-lead Actor Salvador Pineda Won
Best Young Lead Actress Angélica Rivera Nominated
Best Young Lead Actor Rafael Rojas
Best Female Revelation Paola Ochoa
Best Male Revelation Orlando Carrió

Theme song


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