Mi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán

Mi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán
Created by Julio Jimenez
Valentina Parraga
Developed by Telemundo Studios
Directed by Leonardo Galavis
Nicolas Diblasi
Starring Jencarlos Canela
Carmen Villalobos
Angélica María
Ana Layevska
Gerardo Murguía
Theme music composer Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Opening theme Mi Corazón Insiste performed by Jencarlos Canela
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 133
Executive producer(s) Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol
Producer(s) Gemma Lombardi Ortin
Location(s) Miami, Los Angeles
Editor(s) Sharon Acosta
Ellery Albarran
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original network Telemundo
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release May 23 – November 28, 2011
Preceded by Aurora
Followed by Una Maid en Manhattan
Related shows Yo amo a Paquita Gallego
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Mi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán (My Heart Beats for Lola Volcan) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo.

Telemundo aired the serial from May 23 to November 28, 2011, at 8pm central. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3. It is a remake of Colombian telenovela of 1998-1999 Yo amo a Paquita Gallego by Julio Jimenez.


"Love is an adrenaline and feeling in which the world disappears when you cling to a woman who loves and hates with the force of a volcano. Only she has wept in silence of suffering, lives intensely in the pain, and loves in the hours of true happiness; Because she is Lola Volcán ..."[1]


Main cast

Actor Character
Jencarlos Canela Andrés Santacruz later Andrés Suarez
Carmen Villalobos María Dolores "Lola" Volcán (La Salamandra)
Angélica María Isabel "Chabela" Volcán
Ana Layevska Débora Noriega (La Deboradora)

Supporting Cast

Actor Character Description
Fabián Ríos Ángel Meléndez Main Male Villain. Tiberio's former right-hand man, obsessed with Lola, hates Andrés, Marquitos' father, Diana's ex-lover, Lola's ex- fiancé ; killed by Andrés.
Reinaldo Cruz Felix Hernández Criminal, Ángel's right-hand man, is shot by Rodrigo and dies days later.
Katie Barberi Victoria de Noriega Villain, later good. Débora's mother, Ramón's widow, Soledad's friend.
Carlos Torres Rodrigo Suarez Police officer, Andrés' biological father, in love with Soledad.
Carolina Tejera Diana Mirabal In love with Andrés, hates Lola, Marquitos' mother, Ángel's ex-lover; killed by him
Roberto Mateos Tiberio Guzmán / Carlos González Villain. Lola's father, in love with Soledad; killed by Ángel
Rossana San Juan Soledad Volcán Lola's mother, former prostitute, kidnapped by Tiberio, goes missing for over a year, in love with Rodrigo
Gerardo Murguía Marcelo Santacruz Villain. Daniel's father, Andrés' step-father, hates Andrés and Lola, Débora's ex-lover, was Tiberio's right-hand man; killed by Débora
Collins Nseluka Marcos "Marquitos" Mirabal Diana's and Angel's son, after parents die his grandmother takes care of him, sees Andres as a fatherly figure
Alejandro Suárez Diógenes Rugeles Doctor, Lola's first husband; dies from an overdose of "blue pills"
Elluz Peraza Laura Palacios de Santacruz Andrés and Daniel's mother, alcoholic, in love with Rodrigo, dies in an airplane crash on her way to rehab."
Augusto Di Paolo Apolo Ferrer Famous actor, Lola's second husband; died in a skydiving accident caused by Agapito
Freddy Viquez Agapito de la Hoya Villain. Gay, probably in love with Apolo, Apolo's agent, kills Apolo by cutting the cords to his parchute
Liannet Borrego Verónica Alcázar Villain. Débora's best friend friend, Camilo's "one night stand", Daniel's ex-lover, came to LA looking for a rich man to marry, tries going after Andres; killed by Marcelo's orders
Mauricio Hénao Daniel Santacruz Villain, later good. Laura and Marcelo's son, Andrés' half-brother, in love with Adela and step-father of her baby
Carlos Ferro Camilo Andrade Andrés' bestfriend, falls in love with Sofia and marries her.
Cynthia Olavarria Sofia Palacios Andrés and Daniel's aunt, physiologist, was in love with Rodrigo, in love with Camilo and marries him.
Roberto Huicochea Jose "Pepe" Linares Adela's grandfather, Chabela's bestfriend, likes Etelvina
Rubén Morales Ramón Noriega Villain. Débora's father, Victoria's husband; killed by Ángel
Paloma Márquez Adela "Adelita" Linares Lola's bestfriend, in love with Daniel and stays with him, was in love with Fulgencio until his death, has Fulgencio's baby in which Daniel becomes the step-father"
Lino Martone Fulgencio López Police officer, in love with Adela, was engaged to her, killed by Felix
Jeannette Lehr María Etelvina Rengifo Villian, later good. Was in love with Diógenes until his death, Lola's friend, likes Pepe

Extended cast

Actor Character Description
Adrian Di Monte Papy Victoria's lover
Adriana Oliveros Tamara Prostitute, Ángel's mother, Soledad's friend; killed by the orders of Tiberio
Carlos Anzalotta Pablo Barrientos Andrés' friend, killed by Ángel
Carlos Pítela Pathologist, killed by Ángel
Charly Peña Débora's doctor, killed by the orders of Marcelo
Cristian Adrian Javier Miguel's cousin, killed by Ángel
Cyril Serrao Willy, killed by Ángel
Duvier Poviones Mike Mendez Sofia's detective, killed by Felix
Eduardo Caprile Manuel Carrera Andrés' friend
Elioret Silva Dimas body guard for Tiberio, killed by Felix
Enrique Herrera Tom Velasquez Judge
Frank Guzmán Hugo Criminal; killed by Tiberio
Gilberto Santa Rosa Himself Andrés' friend, special guest star in one episode
Gladys Yañez Consuelo Maid in the house of the Santacruz, raised Daniel and Andres, also known as their nana
Guadalupe Hernandez Weseslau Jennifer's husband
Hector Zavaleta Doctor that delivered Andrés and Lola's daughter in Panama
Hector Alejanro Francisco Lopez Glen
Helmy Lavezarri Dora Secretary in Exportex
Hely Ferrigny Public Prosecutor
Jacqueline Márquez Jennifer Dupond Apolo's lover
Jorge Luis Portales Jimmy Prisoner
Juan Troya Dr. Carlos Medina Diógenes' doctor
Julio Torresoto Lawyer, killed by Ángel
Laura Ferreti Elvira Duval, killed by Ángel
Luis Arturo Ruiz Mario Police chief
Luke Grande Tito Bar owner
Marina Catalán Tattooist
Miguel Colon Miguel Martinez Security in Exportex, bribed guard in Andres case, threatened to testify against Andres to something that never happened
Monolo Coego Jr Dr. Ramiro Pantoja Doctor, killed by the orders of Marcelo
Nicolás Terán Carlos Mora Police officer
Omar Fabel León Almeteros Andrés' friend
Omar Nassar Roberto Miraval "Bobby" Worked with Tiberio; killed by the orders of Tiberio
Orlando Casín Priest
Oscar Diaz Priest
Patricia Noguera Yolanda Nurse
Patricio Doren Mike Correa Police officer, Tiberio's accomplice
Ramon Morell Londoño Judge
Raul Arietta TV Reporter
Tamara Melian Rosa de Francia Maid in Lola's house
Vanessa Apolito Airline employee
Vannessa Nevader Vanessa Prostitute
Adela Morice Various extra roles

Awards and nominations

Mi Corazón Insiste has been nominated for The Best Bad Girl, Best Supporting Actress, The Perfect Couple, and The Best Kiss.[2][3] It won Novela of the Year, Favorite Lead Actor, Best Bad Luck Video, and Best Novela Soundtrack.[4]

Year Award Category Nominated Result
Premios tu mundo 2012
Novela of the Year
Mi corazón insiste
Favorite Lead Actor
Jencarlos Canela
The Best Bad Girl
Ana Layevska
Best Supporting Actress
Katie Barberi
The Perfect Couple
Carmen Villalobos and Jencarlos Canela
The Best Kiss
Carmen Villalobos and Jencarlos Canela
Best Bad Luck Video
La familia llega an arruinar la boda de Lola Volcán
Best Novela Soundtrack
Mi corazón insiste by Jencarlos Canela


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