Mi Prefecture

"Mizhou" redirects here. For the modern subdistrict in Zhucheng, see Mizhou Subdistrict.

Mi Prefecture
Mandarin Mì Zhōu

  740s or 750s 146,524[1]
  1100s 327,340[2]
  Preceded by Gaomi Commandery
  Abolished 1368 (Ming dynasty)
Contained within

Mizhou or Mi Prefecture was a zhou (prefecture) in imperial China in modern southeastern Shandong, China. It existed (intermittently) from 585 until 1368 upon the foundation of the Ming dynasty.[3]


Mi Prefecture administered the following counties (縣) through history:

#Sui dynastyTang dynastyLater LiangLater TangModern location
1Zhucheng (諸城)Zhucheng[4]
2Anqiu (安丘)Futang (輔唐)AnqiuFutangJiaoxi (膠西)AnqiuAnqiu[5]
3JiaoxiJiaozhou City[6]
4Gaomi (高密)Gaomi[7]
5Ju (莒)Ju County[8]


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