Miłość, muzyka, mordobicie

Miłość, muzyka, mordobicie
Studio album by Big Cyc
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Punk rock
Big Cyc chronology
Nie wierzcie elektrykom
Miłość, muzyka, mordobicie
Wojna plemników

Miłość, muzyka, mordobicie (Polish Love, music, brawl) is the third studio album of Polish punk rock band Big Cyc, released in 1992. The title is a pun on "Love, friendship, music" - slogan of the Jarocin festival which proved to be untrue because of common brawls. The song "Nowe kombinacje" was a parody of the rock group Republika, appreciated by its leader, Grzegorz Ciechowski. "Buntownik z aerozolu" and "Jak słodko zostać świrem" featured the first videos in the group's history.

Track listing

  1. "Woody Allen"
  2. "Czarne garnitury" (Black suits)
  3. "Twoje glany" (Your boots)
  4. "Promień nad głową" (A ray over the head)
  5. "Jak słodko zostac świrem" (How sweet to be a crazy)
  6. "Nie będziemy śpiewać po angielsku" (We will not sing in English)
  7. "Villago, villago"
  8. "Nowe kombinacje"
  9. "Pobudka dla nieboszczyka" (Wake up call for a dead man)
  10. "Zwiewam z budy" (I'm getting outta school; the English version was titled Fuck the School
  11. "Historia z koszar" (Barracks story)
  12. "Buntownik z aerozolu" (Spray-paint rebel)
  13. "Gdy zamawiam pierwsze piwo" (Ordering the first beer)


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