Meyer Kayserling

Meyer Kayserling

Meyer Kayserling (17 June 1829 21 April 1905) was a German rabbi and historian.


Kayserling was born in Hanover, and was the brother of writer and educator Simon Kayserling. He was educated at Halberstadt, at Nikolsburg (Moravia) where he studied under Samson Raphael Hirsch, at Prague where he studied under S.J. Rapoport, at Wurzburg where he studied under Seligman Baer Bamberger, and finally at the Humboldt University of Berlin.[1] He devoted himself to history and philosophy. Encouraged in historical researches in Berlin by Leopold von Ranke, Kayserling turned his attention to the history and literature of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula.

In 1861 the Aargau government appointed him rabbi of the Swiss Jews, which office he held until 1870. During his residence in Switzerland he argued in favor of civil equality for his coreligionists, both then and later, when civil charges were brought against them.

In 1870 he accepted a call as preacher and rabbi to the Jewish community of Budapest. Kayserling was a member of the Royal Academy in Madrid, of the Trinity Historical Society, and others.

He died at Budapest, aged 75.


He was the author of the following works:

Besides these works and a number of sermons published at different times, Kayserling contributed to the different Jewish magazines published in Hebrew, German, English, and French; he also issued a new revised edition of Hecht's Handbuch der Israelitischen Gesch. (1874; 7th ed., 1901). From 1884 he prepared the part of the Jahresberichte der Geschichtsforschung (Berlin) which treated Jewish history.


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