Caecilius Metellus

The Caecilii Metelli, one of the most important and wealthy families in the Roman Republic, came of noble (although plebeian, not patrician) stock. The Caecilii Metelli remained a political power within the state from the 3rd century BC to the end of the Republic in the 1st century BC, holding every office in the cursus honorum as well as several important military commands.

Important members of the Caecilius Metellus clan include:

Women of the Caecilii Metelli family were always named Caecilia Metella, according to the Roman naming convention. To distinguish them, the Caecilias often carried their fathers' cognomens, declined in a female form. Famous Caecilias include:

In addition to the historical Caecilii Metelli listed here, John Maddox Roberts invented the fictional character Decius Caecilius Metellus for his historical mystery series SPQR.

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