Metaliferi Mountains

Mada Gorge (Cheile Măzii or Madei) in the Munţii Metaliferi mountains
Lacerta bilineata at Plesa mare peak in the Metaliferi mountains
Detunata goala, one of the two Detunatele columnar jointing formations of basalt

Metaliferi Mountains (Munţii Metaliferi), meaning Ore Mountains, are located in the Carpathian Mountain Range and are a division of the Apuseni Mountains. Poieniţa Peak is located among the Metaliferi. The range also includes the Detunatele, a pair of basalt peaks with columnar jointing. The Roșia Poieni copper mine and several communities are in the area. There are also several lakes (List of lakes of Romania).

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Coordinates: 46°14′00″N 23°14′00″E / 46.2333°N 23.2333°E / 46.2333; 23.2333

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