Metacompact space

In mathematics, in the field of general topology, a topological space is said to be metacompact if every open cover has a point finite open refinement. That is, given any open cover of the topological space, there is a refinement which is again an open cover with the property that every point is contained only in finitely many sets of the refining cover.

A space is countably metacompact if every countable open cover has a point finite open refinement.


The following can be said about metacompactness in relation to other properties of topological spaces:

Covering dimension

A topological space X is said to be of covering dimension n if every open cover of X has a point finite open refinement such that no point of X is included in more than n + 1 sets in the refinement and if n is the minimum value for which this is true. If no such minimal n exists, the space is said to be of infinite covering dimension.

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