Mero-Schmidlin (UK) plc
Industry Construction
Founded 1988
Headquarters Camberley, UK
Owner MERO TSK Group, Würzburg

Mero-Schmidlin (UK) plc is a business specializing in building construction systems. It is based in Surrey in the United Kingdom and is owned by the German MERO-TSK Group. The name MERO is an abbreviation for Mengeringhausen Rohrbauweise (Mengeringhausen's tubular structures).


The MERO company was founded by Dr Ing. Max Mengeringhausen in Würzburg, Germany in 1948.[1] In 1957 the Mero construction technique, which uses hollow steel tubes connected into steel nodes in a predetermined geometry, was presented at the Berlin International Construction Fair.[1]

In 1988 Mero (UK) plc was established to service customers in the UK.[1] Then in February 2006, following the acquisition of Schmidlin Facadetechnology AG in Switzerland by TSK Group, Mero (UK) plc's German parent company, Mero (UK) plc changed its name to Mero-Schmidlin (UK) plc.[1]


The Company's activities are as follows:[1]

Notable structures using the technique

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