Location in Maré Island

Coordinates: 21°26′37″S 167°58′3″E / 21.44361°S 167.96750°E / -21.44361; 167.96750Coordinates: 21°26′37″S 167°58′3″E / 21.44361°S 167.96750°E / -21.44361; 167.96750
Territory  New Caledonia, France
Province Loyalty Islands Province
Commune Maré
Time zone UTC+11

Menaku is a village in the northeast of Maré Island, in the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia.[1] It lies south by road from Kaewatine and northwest of the main town of La Roche.[2]It lies 27 kilometres from Tadine and as of 1996 had a population of 127 people.[3] The Grand-Chief is Naisseline Henri Yé Nidoish, the Chief is Cuéwapur Cuki and the President of the Council is Wakana Kadéne.[3] The main language spoken by the inhabitants is the indigenous Nengoné language and the French language.[3]


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