Members of the Queensland Legislative Assembly, 1888–1893

This is a list of members of the 10th Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 1888 to 1893, as elected at the 1888 colonial election held between 28 April 1888 and 26 May 1888 (due to problems of distance and communications, it was not possible to hold the elections on a single day).[1]

The election was a decisive defeat for Samuel Griffith's Liberals, with Thomas McIlwraith's Conservatives becoming ascendant. During the term, a number of Liberals and Independents joined the Ministry, and by the end of the term, the terms "Ministerial" and "Opposition" were being used to describe members.

Name Party Electorate Term in office
Walter Adams[8] Conservative Bundaberg 1886–1892
George Agnew Conservative Nundah 1888–1896
Robert Aland Ind. Opp. Drayton and Toowoomba 1881–1893
William Allan Conservative Cunningham 1881–1883; 1887–1896
John Annear Liberal/Min. Maryborough 1884–1902
Archibald Archer Independent Rockhampton 1867–1869; 1878–1886;
Andrew Henry Barlow Liberal/Min. Ipswich 1888–1896
Matthew Battersby Conservative Moreton 1888–1899
Maurice Hume Black Conservative Mackay 1881–1993
William Villiers Brown[4] Independent Townsville 1885–1888; 1891–1893
John Buckland[7] Liberal/Opp. Bulimba 1882–1892
James John Cadell[5] Independent Burnett 1891–1896
Albert Callan[1] Independent Fitzroy 1889–1902
James Campbell Conservative Aubigny 1884–1893
Richard Casey Conservative Warrego 1888–1893
William Henry Corfield Conservative Gregory 1888–1899
Alfred Cowley Conservative Herbert 1888–1907
James Crombie Conservative Mitchell 1888–1898
David Dalrymple Independent/Min. Mackay 1888–1904
James Dickson[7] Independent/Min. Bulimba 1873–1888; 1892–1901
John Donaldson Ind. Opp. Bulloo 1883–1893; 1896
James Drake Liberal/Opp. Enoggera 1888–1899
Robert Dunsmure Conservative Maranoa 1888–1893
James Foote[9] Liberal/Opp. Rosewood 1873–1878; 1880–1888;
Justin Foxton Liberal/Min. Carnarvon 1883–1904
Michael Gannon Ind. Opp. Toombul 1888–1893
Thomas Glassey Labour Bundamba 1888–1893; 1894–1901
Louis Goldring Ind. Opp. Flinders 1888–1893
Samuel Griffith Liberal/Opp. North Brisbane 1872–1893
Samuel Grimes Liberal/Min. Oxley 1878–1902
William Henry Groom Liberal/Opp. Drayton and Toowoomba 1862–1901
George Hall[8] Labour Bundaberg 1892–1893
John Hamilton Conservative Cook 1878–1904
William Hodgkinson Liberal/Opp. Warrego 1873–1875; 1888–1893
John Hoolan[2] Labour Burke 1890–1894; 1896–1899
Ernest Hunter[2] Liberal/Opp. Burke 1888–1890
Richard Hyne Liberal/Opp. Maryborough 1888–1893
Jean-Baptiste Isambert[9] Liberal/Opp. Rosewood 1882–1892
John Jessop Ind. Opp. Dalby 1882–1893
George Hall Jones[5] Conservative Burnett 1888–1891
Rees Jones Conservative North Rockhampton 1888–1893
Hon Henry Jordan[3] Liberal/Opp. South Brisbane 1860; 1868–1871;
Isidor Lissner Conservative Kennedy 1883–1893; 1896–1899
William Little Independent/Min. Woothakata 1888–1893
Abraham Luya Conservative South Brisbane 1888–1893; 1899
Robert Lyons[1] Conservative Fitzroy 1888–1889
John MacFarlane Liberal/Min. Ipswich 1878–1894
Thomas McIlwraith Conservative North Brisbane 1870–1871; 1873–1886;
John McMaster Liberal/Min. Fortitude Valley 1885–1899; 1901–1904;
John Murtagh Macrossan[4] Conservative Townsville 1873–1878; 1879–1891
Matthew Mellor Liberal/Opp. Gympie 1883–1893
Boyd Dunlop Morehead Conservative Balonne 1871–1880; 1883–1896
Arthur Morgan Independent/Opp. Warwick 1887–1896; 1898–1906
Arthur Morry[3] Liberal/Opp. South Brisbane 1890–1893
Frank Reid Murphy[6] Conservative Barcoo 1885–1892
John Murray Conservative Normanby 1888–1901
Hugh Nelson Conservative Murilla 1883–1898
William North Conservative Lockyer 1888–1893
Albert Norton Conservative Port Curtis 1878–1893
William O'Connell Conservative Musgrave 1888–1903
Patrick O'Sullivan Independent/Min. Stanley 1860–1863; 1867–1868;
1876–1883; 1888–1893
Edward Palmer Conservative Carpentaria 1883–1893
William Pattison Conservative Rockhampton 1886–1893
Sheffield Paul Conservative Leichhardt 1878–1879; 1888–1893
Patrick Perkins Conservative Cambooya 1877–1884; 1888–1893
Robert Philp Conservative Townsville 1886–1915
Thomas Plunkett Conservative Albert 1888–1896; 1899–1908
Charles Powers Conservative Burrum 1888–1896
Arthur Rutledge Liberal/Opp. Charters Towers 1878–1893; 1899–1904
Tommy Ryan[6] Labour Barcoo 1892–1893
William Salkeld Liberal/Opp. Fassifern 1883–1893
Robert Sayers Independent Charters Towers 1888–1893
Robert Harrison Smith Conservative Bowen 1888–1902
William Smyth Liberal/Min. Gympie 1883–1899
William Stephens Liberal/Min. Woolloongabba 1888–1904; 1907–1908
Ernest James Stevens Independent Logan 1878–1896
John Stevenson Conservative Clermont 1876–1893
Horace Tozer Independent/Min. Wide Bay 1871; 1888–1898
Theodore Unmack Liberal/Min. Toowong 1888–1893
John Watson Conservative Fortitude Valley 1888–1896
Frederick Wimble Liberal/Opp. Cairns 1888–1893


1 On 17 July 1889, Robert Lyons, the member for Fitzroy, resigned. Albert Callan won the resulting by-election on 3 August 1889.
2 On 24 June 1890, Ernest Hunter, the member for Burke, resigned following his being adjudicated as insolvent. Labour candidate John Hoolan won the resulting by-election on 9 August 1890.
3 On 30 June 1890, Henry Jordan, one of the two members for South Brisbane, died. Arthur Morry won the resulting by-election on 17 July 1890.
4 On 30 March 1891, John Murtagh Macrossan, one of the two members for Townsville, died. William Villiers Brown won the resulting by-election on 2 May 1891.
5 On 12 June 1891, George Hall Jones, the member for Burnett, resigned. James Cadell won the resulting by-election on 11 July 1891.
6 On 24 January 1892, Frank Reid Murphy, the member for Barcoo, died. Labour candidate Tommy Ryan won the resulting by-election on 5 March 1892.
7 On 29 March 1892, John Buckland, the member for Bulimba, resigned following his being adjudicated as insolvent. James Dickson won the resulting by-election on 16 April 1892.
8 On 15 May 1892, Walter Adams, the member for Bundaberg, died. Labour candidate George Hall won the resulting by-election on 16 June 1892.
9 On 15 October 1892, Jean-Baptiste Isambert, the member for Rosewood, resigned following his being adjudicated as insolvent. James Foote won the resulting by-election on 15 November 1892.

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9th Assembly
10th Queensland Legislative Assembly
Succeeded by
11th Assembly
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