Members of the 5th Northern Ireland Assembly

5th Northern Ireland Assembly
4th Assembly
Jurisdiction Northern Ireland
Meeting place Parliament Buildings,
Election 2016 assembly election
Government Executive of the 5th Assembly
Members 108
Speaker Robin Newton
First Minister Arlene Foster
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness
1st 12 May 2016 

This is a list of the 108 members of the Northern Ireland Assembly elected in 2016. All members elected at the assembly elections, held on 5 May 2016, are listed.

Composition of the Assembly

Party Designation Members
Democratic Unionist Party Unionist 38
Sinn Féin Nationalist 28
Ulster Unionist Party Unionist 16
Social Democratic and Labour PartyNationalist 12
Alliance Party of Northern IrelandOther 8
Green Party in Northern IrelandOther 2
People Before Profit AllianceOther 2
Traditional Unionist Voice Unionist 1
IndependentUnionist 1
Total 108

Graphical representation

Executive (66)

Opposition (42)

  1. This is not the official seating plan of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Sinn Féin sit to the left of the Speaker and the Democratic Unionist Party sit to the right.


Name Constituency Party
Steven AgnewNorth DownGreen Party in Northern Ireland
Steve AikenSouth AntrimUlster Unionist Party
Andy AllenBelfast EastUlster Unionist Party
Jim AllisterNorth AntrimTraditional Unionist Voice
Sydney AndersonUpper BannDemocratic Unionist Party
Caoimhe ArchibaldEast LondonderrySinn Féin
Kellie ArmstrongStrangfordAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Alex AttwoodBelfast WestSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Clare BaileyBelfast SouthGreen Party in Northern Ireland
Rosemary BartonFermanagh and South TyroneUlster Unionist Party
Doug BeattieUpper BannUlster Unionist Party
Roy Beggs JrEast AntrimUlster Unionist Party
Jonathan BellStrangfordDemocratic Unionist Party
Cathal BoylanNewry and ArmaghSinn Féin
Michaela BoyleWest TyroneSinn Féin
Maurice BradleyEast LondonderryDemocratic Unionist Party
Paula BradleyBelfast NorthDemocratic Unionist Party
Sinead BradleySouth DownSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Paula BradshawBelfast SouthAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Keith BuchananMid UlsterDemocratic Unionist Party
Thomas BuchananWest TyroneDemocratic Unionist Party
Joanne BuntingBelfast EastDemocratic Unionist Party
Robbie ButlerLagan ValleyUlster Unionist Party
Pam CameronSouth AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Gerry CarrollBelfast WestPeople Before Profit Alliance
Alan ChambersNorth DownUlster Unionist Party
Trevor ClarkeSouth AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Stewart DicksonEast AntrimAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Linda DillonMid UlsterSinn Féin
Jo-Anne DobsonUpper BannUlster Unionist Party
Sammy DouglasBelfast EastDemocratic Unionist Party
Gordon DunneNorth DownDemocratic Unionist Party
Mark H. DurkanFoyleSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Alex EastonNorth DownDemocratic Unionist Party
Colum EastwoodFoyleSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Stephen FarryNorth DownAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Megan FearonNewry and ArmaghSinn Féin
David FordSouth AntrimAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Arlene FosterFermanagh and South TyroneDemocratic Unionist Party
Paul FrewNorth AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Michelle GildernewFermanagh and South TyroneSinn Féin
Paul GirvanSouth AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Paul GivanLagan ValleyDemocratic Unionist Party
Brenda HaleLagan ValleyDemocratic Unionist Party
Simon HamiltonStrangfordDemocratic Unionist Party
Claire HannaBelfast SouthSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Chris HazzardSouth DownSinn Féin
David HilditchEast AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
William HumphreyBelfast NorthDemocratic Unionist Party
Ross HusseyWest TyroneUlster Unionist Party
William IrwinNewry and ArmaghDemocratic Unionist Party
Declan KearneySouth AntrimSinn Féin
Gerry KellyBelfast NorthSinn Féin
Danny KennedyNewry and ArmaghUlster Unionist Party
Carla LockhartUpper BannDemocratic Unionist Party
Phillip LoganNorth AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Naomi LongBelfast EastAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Trevor LunnLagan ValleyAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Gordon LyonsEast AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Seán LynchFermanagh and South TyroneSinn Féin
Chris LyttleBelfast EastAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
Declan McAleerWest TyroneSinn Féin
Eamonn McCannFoylePeople Before Profit Alliance
Fra McCannBelfast WestSinn Féin
Jennifer McCannBelfast WestSinn Féin
Raymond McCartneyFoyleSinn Féin
Nelson McCauslandBelfast NorthDemocratic Unionist Party
Daniel McCrossanWest TyroneSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Barry McElduffWest TyroneSinn Féin
Patsy McGloneMid UlsterSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Colin McGrathSouth DownSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Martin McGuinnessFoyleSinn Féin
Michelle McIlveenStrangfordDemocratic Unionist Party
Daithí McKayNorth AntrimSinn Féin
Harold McKeeSouth DownUlster Unionist Party
Oliver McMullanEast AntrimSinn Féin
Justin McNultyNewry and ArmaghSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Richie McPhillipsFermanagh and South TyroneSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Adrian McQuillanEast LondonderryDemocratic Unionist Party
Nichola MallonBelfast NorthSocial Democratic and Labour Party
Alex MaskeyBelfast WestSinn Féin
Gary MiddletonFoyleDemocratic Unionist Party
Ian MilneMid UlsterSinn Féin
Maurice MorrowFermanagh and South TyroneDemocratic Unionist Party
Gerry MullanEast LondonderrySocial Democratic and Labour Party
Conor MurphyNewry and ArmaghSinn Féin
Mike NesbittStrangfordUlster Unionist Party
Robin NewtonBelfast EastDemocratic Unionist Party
Carál Ní ChuilínBelfast NorthSinn Féin
Máirtín Ó MuilleoirBelfast SouthSinn Féin
John O'DowdUpper BannSinn Féin
Michelle O'NeillMid UlsterSinn Féin
Sandra OverendMid UlsterUlster Unionist Party
Jennifer PalmerLagan ValleyUlster Unionist Party
Emma PengellyBelfast SouthDemocratic Unionist Party
Edwin PootsLagan ValleyDemocratic Unionist Party
George RobinsonEast LondonderryDemocratic Unionist Party
Alastair RossEast AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Caitriona RuaneSouth DownSinn Féin
Catherine SeeleyUpper BannSinn Féin
Pat SheehanBelfast WestSinn Féin
Philip SmithStrangfordUlster Unionist Party
Christopher StalfordBelfast SouthDemocratic Unionist Party
Mervyn StoreyNorth AntrimDemocratic Unionist Party
Claire SugdenEast LondonderryIndependent Unionist
Robin SwannNorth AntrimUlster Unionist Party
Peter WeirNorth DownDemocratic Unionist Party
Jim WellsSouth DownDemocratic Unionist Party

Changes since the election

Date Constituency Gain Loss Note
18 August 2016 North Antrim   Sinn Féin Daithí McKay resigned.
30 August 2016 North Antrim Sinn Féin   Philip McGuigan replaced Daithí McKay following the latter's resignation.


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