Members of the 1st UK Parliament from Ireland

1st Parliament (1801)
2nd Parliament (1802)
3rd Parliament (1806)

This is a list of the Irish MPs who were co-opted from the former Parliament of Ireland, to serve as Members of the 1st UK Parliament from Ireland, or who were elected at subsequent by-elections. There were 100 seats representing Ireland in this Parliament.

The United Kingdom came into existence on 1 January 1801, so the terms of all the original Westminster MPs from Ireland are deemed to begin on that date. The 1st United Kingdom Parliament assembled on 22 January 1801 and was dissolved on 29 June 1802 (a length of one year, five months and seven days).

Summary of MPs by Party (Ireland only)

The names of MPs and votes for candidates at by-elections are based on Walker. Party labels are based on those used by Stooks Smith and may differ from those in other sources. Many early nineteenth century Irish MPs are not classified by party, by Stooks Smith.

In some cases, when a party label is used for the MP by Stooks Smith in a subsequent Parliament, this is noted in the Members list below.

Party Seats
1 January 1801
Tory 29 34
Whig 14 16
unclassified 53 50
vacant 4 0
Total 100 100

Members by constituency

The list is given in alphabetical order by constituency. The County prefixes used for county constituencies is disregarded in determining alphabetical order, but the county follows any borough or city constituency with the same name.

The name of an MP who served during the Parliament, but who was not the holder of a seat at the dissolution in 1802, is given in italics. When the date of the election is in italics, this indicates a by-election.

No election took place on 1 January 1801. The MPs for constituencies which retained two members after the Union (the thirty two counties and the cities of Cork and Dublin), continued in office. In the remaining seats, which were reduced from two MPs to one, there was a drawing of lots to determine which member served at Westminster. If one seat in the Parliament of Ireland was vacant, the remaining member continued in office. If both seats were vacant, then a United Kingdom by-election was held to fill the vacancy.

1801, January 1 County Antrim
2 members
Rt Hon. John Staples
Edmond Alexander MacNaghten Classified Tory in the 2nd Parliament
1801, January 1 Armagh Patrick Duigenan Tory Appointed Commissioner of Compensation 1801
1801, March 2 1
1801, January 1 County Armagh
2 members
Hon. Archibald Acheson Classified Tory in the 2nd Parliament
Robert Camden Cope
1801, January 1 Athlone William Handcock
1801, January 1 Bandon Sir Broderick Chinnery, Bt Whig
1801, January 1 Belfast James Edward May Tory
1801, January 1 Carlow Hon. Henry Sadleir Prittie The 2nd Baron Dunalley from 3 January 1801
1801, March 21 1 Hon. Francis Aldborough Prittie Resigned
1801, July 30 1 Charles Montague Ormsby Tory
1801, January 1 County Carlow
2 members
William Henry Burton
Sir Richard Butler, Bt
1801, January 1 Carrickfergus Noah Dalway
1801, January 1 Cashel Richard Bagwell Resigned
1801, December 9 1 John Bagwell (c. 1780-1806)
1801, January 1 County Cavan
2 members
Francis Saunderson Whig
Nathaniel Sneyd Tory
1801, January 1 County Clare
2 members
Hon. Francis Nathaniel Burton
Hugh Dillon Massey
1801, January 1 Clonmel seat vacant No co-option (both Irish Parliament seats vacant)
1801, February 13 1 Rt Hon. William Bagwell Tory
1801, January 1 Coleraine Walter Jones Tory
1801, January 1 Cork
2 members
Hon. John Hely-Hutchinson Whig Created 1st Baron Hutchinson 1801
Mountifort Longfield Tory
1802, January 8 1 Hon. Christopher Hely-Hutchinson Whig
1801, January 1 County Cork
2 members
Viscount Boyle Classified Whig in the 3rd Parliament
Robert Uniacke Fitzgerald
1801, January 1 County Donegal
2 members
Henry Vaughan Brooke Tory
Viscount Sudley Tory
1801, January 1 County Down
2 members
Viscount Castlereagh Tory
Francis Savage
1801, January 1 Downpatrick Clotworthy Rowley Appointed Commissioner of Compensation 1801
1801, March 10 1 Samuel Campbell Rowley
1801, January 1 Drogheda Edward Hardman
1801, January 1 Dublin
2 members
John Claudius Beresford Tory
Rt Hon. George Ogle Tory
1801, January 1 County Dublin
2 members
Hans Hamilton Tory
Frederick John Falkiner Tory
1801, January 1 Dublin University Hon. George Knox Tory
1801, January 1 Dundalk seat vacant No co-option (both Irish Parliament seats vacant)
1801, February 28 1 Rt Hon. Isaac Corry Tory
1801, January 1 Dungannon Hon. John Knox Died
1801, November 21 1 Sir Charles Hamilton, Bt Classified Tory in the 2nd Parliament
1801, January 1 Dungarvan Edward Lee Whig
1801, January 1 Ennis John Ormsby Vandeleur Tory
1801, January 1 Enniskillen Hon. Arthur Cole Hamilton Tory
1801, January 1 County Fermanagh
2 members
Mervyn Archdall (senior) Tory
Viscount Cole Tory
1801, January 1 Galway St. George Daly Resigned
1801, March 10 1 John Brabazon Ponsonby Whig
1801, January 1 County Galway
2 members
Richard Le Poer Trench
Richard Martin
1801, January 1 County Kerry
2 members
James Crosbie Tory
Rt Hon. Maurice Fitzgerald
(The 18th Knight of Kerry)
Whig Appointed Commissioner of the Treasury 1801
1801, March 5 1
1801, January 1 County Kildare
2 members
Maurice Keating
John La Touche Whig Not John La Touche, MP elected 1802
1801, January 1 Kilkenny William Talbot Resigned
1802, March 2 1 Richard Archdall
1801, January 1 County Kilkenny
2 members
Hon. James Wandesford Butler Whig
Rt Hon. William Brabazon Ponsonby Whig
1801, January 1 King's County
2 members
Sir Lawrence Parsons, Bt Classified Tory in the 2nd Parliament
Denis Bowes Daly Tory
1801, January 1 Kinsale William Rowley Appointed Commissioner of Irish Revenue 1801
1801, February 20 1
1801, January 1 County Leitrim
2 members
Viscount Clements Whig
Rt Hon. Theophilus Jones Tory
1801, January 1 Limerick Henry Deane Grady
1801, January 1 County Limerick
2 members
John Waller
William Odell Classified Tory in the 4th Parliament
1801, January 1 Lisburn George Hatton Tory
1801, January 1 Londonderry Henry Alexander
1801, January 1 County Londonderry
2 members
Hon. Charles William Stewart Tory
seat vacant Beresford became Marquess of Waterford 1800
1801, January 14 1 Sir George Fitzgerald Hill, Bt Tory
1801, January 1 County Longford
2 members
Sir Thomas Fetherston, Bt Classified Tory in the 3rd Parliament
Sir William Glendowe Newcomen, Bt
1801, January 1 County Louth
2 members
John Foster Classified Tory in the 2nd Parliament
William Charles Fortescue
1801, January 1 Mallow John Longfield
1801, January 1 County Mayo
2 members
Rt Hon. Denis Browne Classified Tory in the 2nd Parliament
George Jackson
1801, January 1 County Meath
2 members
Hamilton Gorges
Sir Marcus Somerville, Bt Classified Whig in the 2nd Parliament
1801, January 1 County Monaghan
2 members
Richard Dawson
Warner William Westenra Succeeded as 2nd Baron Rossmore on 6 August 1801
1801, December 1 1 Charles Powell Leslie II Tory
1801, January 1 New Ross Robert Leigh
1801, January 1 Newry John Moore
1801, January 1 Portarlington Frederick Trench Created the 1st Baron Ashtown on 27 December 1800 and never sat, though elected
1801, March 5 1 William Elliot
1801, January 1 Queen's County
2 members
Sir John Parnell, Bt Died 6 December 1801
Rt Hon. Charles Henry Coote The 2nd Baron Castle Coote from 1 March 1802
1801, December 28 1 Hon. William Wellesley-Pole
1802, April 5 1 Henry Brooke Parnell
1801, January 1 County Roscommon
2 members
Arthur French Whig
Thomas Mahon Whig
1801, January 1 Sligo Owen Wynne Tory
1801, January 1 County Sligo
2 members
Joshua Edward Cooper Tory
Charles O'Hara Whig
1801, January 1 County Tipperary
2 members
Viscount Mathew
John Bagwell (c. 1752-1816)
1801, January 1 Tralee Arthur Moore
1801, January 1 County Tyrone
2 members
Viscount Corry The 2nd Earl Belmore from 2 February 1802
James Stewart
1802, March 1 1 Rt Hon. John Stewart
1801, January 1 Waterford William Congreve Alcock Tory
1801, January 1 County Waterford
2 members
Rt Hon. John Beresford Tory
Richard Power Whig
1801, January 1 County Westmeath
2 members
William Smyth
Gustavus Hume-Rochfort Classified Tory in the 5th Parliament
1801, January 1 Wexford Francis Leigh Resigned
1801, February 20 1 Ponsonby Tottenham
1801, January 1 County Wexford
2 members
Viscount Loftus Tory
Abel Ram Tory
1801, January 1 County Wicklow
2 members
William Hoare Hume Whig
seat vacant Death of Westby on 30 November 1800
1801, February George Ponsonby Whig First contested UK election, in Ireland
1801, January 1 Youghal Sir John Keane, Bt Tory Created Baronet 1 August 1801

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