Members of the 1st Northern Ireland Assembly

1st Northern Ireland Assembly
Forum 2nd Assembly
Jurisdiction Northern Ireland
Meeting place Parliament Buildings,
Term 1 July 1998 – 14 October 2002
Election 1998 assembly election
Government Executive of the 1st Assembly
Members 108
Speaker Lord Alderdice
First Minister David Trimble
Reg Empey
until 6 November 2001
David Trimble
until 1 July 2001
Deputy First Minister Mark Durkan
Seamus Mallon
until 6 November 2001
1st 1 July 1998 – 9 March 1999
2nd 15 July 1999 – 8 February 2000
3rd 5 June 2000 – 4 July 2000
4th 11 September 2000 – 4 July 2001
5th 10 September 2001 – 3 July 2002
6th 9 September 2002 – 14 October 2002

This is a list of Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly elected in 1998.

All members of the Assembly, or MLAs ("Members of the Legislative Assembly") elected at the 1998 Assembly election are listed. MLAs are grouped by party.

Social Democratic and Labour Party - 24 MLAs

Alex Attwood
P. J. Bradley
Joe Byrne
John Dallat
Arthur Doherty (later resigned and replaced by Michael Coyle)
Mark Durkan
Sean Farren
John Fee
Tommy Gallagher
Carmel Hanna
Denis Haughey
Joe Hendron
John Hume (later resigned and replaced by Annie Courtney)
Patricia Lewsley
Donovan McClelland
Alasdair McDonnell
Eddie McGrady
Eugene McMenamin
Alban Maginness
Seamus Mallon
Danny O'Connor
Eamon O'Neill
Brid Rodgers
John Tierney

Ulster Unionist Party - 28 MLAs

Ian Adamson
Pauline Armitage
Billy Armstrong
Roy Beggs, Jr.
Billy Bell
Tom Benson (died 2000, replaced by Tom Hamilton)
Esmond Birnie
Joan Carson
Fred Cobain
Robert Coulter
Ivan Davis
Reg Empey
Sam Foster
John Gorman
Derek Hussey
Danny Kennedy
James Leslie
David McClarty
Alan McFarland
Michael McGimpsey
Dermot Nesbitt
Ken Robinson
George Savage
Duncan Shipley-Dalton
John Taylor
David Trimble
Peter Weir (later joined Democratic Unionist Party)
Jim Wilson

Democratic Unionist Party - 20 MLAs

Paul Berry
Gregory Campbell
Mervyn Carrick
Wilson Clyde
Nigel Dodds
Oliver Gibson
William Hay
David Hilditch
Gardiner Kane
William McCrea
Maurice Morrow
Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley Jr
Edwin Poots
Iris Robinson
Mark Robinson
Peter Robinson
Jim Shannon
Jim Wells
Sammy Wilson

Sinn Féin - 18 MLAs

Gerry Adams
Bairbre de Brún
Pat Doherty
Michelle Gildernew
Gerry Kelly
John Kelly
Barry McElduff
Martin McGuinness
Gerry McHugh
Mitchel McLaughlin
Pat McNamee
Alex Maskey
Francie Molloy
Conor Murphy
Mick Murphy
Mary Nelis
Dara O'Hagan
Sue Ramsey

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland - 6 MLAs

John Alderdice
Eileen Bell
Seamus Close
David Ford
Kieran McCarthy
Sean Neeson

UK Unionist Party - 5 MLAs

Norman Boyd (later joined Northern Ireland Unionist Party)
Roger Hutchinson (later joined Northern Ireland Unionist Party, then left and later joined the Democratic Unionist Party)
Robert McCartney
Patrick Roche (later joined Northern Ireland Unionist Party)
Cedric Wilson (later joined Northern Ireland Unionist Party)

Progressive Unionist Party - 2 MLAs

David Ervine
Billy Hutchinson

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition - 2 MLAs

Monica McWilliams
Jane Morrice

Independent Unionist - 3 MLAs

Fraser Agnew (later joined United Unionist Assembly Party)
Boyd Douglas (later joined United Unionist Assembly Party)
Denis Watson (later joined United Unionist Assembly Party)


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