Melodifestivalen 1992

Melodifestivalen 1992
Final 14 March 1992
Venue Cirkus, Stockholm
Presenter(s) Adde Malmberg, Claes Malmberg
Voting system Regional juries
Winning song "I morgon är en annan dag" by Christer Björkman
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Melodifestivalen 1992 was the selection for the 32nd song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the 31st time that this system of picking a song had been used. 1,544 songs were submitted to SVT for the competition. The final was broadcast on Kanal 1 and Sveriges Radio's P3 network. Christer Björkman's result at Eurovision was Sweden's worst since 1977, until 2003 the worst result of a Eurovision host country. The show was watched by 5,376,000 people.


Draw Artist Song Songwriters Points Place
1Angel"Venus Butterfly"Bert Karlsson, Lennart Clerwall--
2Thérèse Löf"Ingenting går som man vill"Peter Grönvall, Nanne Nordqvist--
3Christer Björkman"I morgon är en annan dag"Niklas Strömstedt641st
4Anna Nederdal"Ingen annan än du"John Ekedahl, Tommy Kaså--
5Lizette Pålsson & Bizazz"Som om himlen brann"Jane Larsson, Leif Larsson592nd
6Shanes"Upp, flyger vi, upp"Björn Ander Andersson--
7Py Bäckman"Långt härifrån"Py Bäckman, Anders Olausson335th
8Maria Rådsten"Vad som än händer"Ulf Söderberg, Peter Grönvall, Nanne Nordqvist413rd
9Kikki Danielsson"En enda gång"Hans Skoog, Martin Klaman344th
10Lena Pålsson & Wizex"Jag kan se en ängel"Kaj Svenling, Johnny Thunqvist--



"I morgon är en annan dag"4446668686664
"Som om himlen brann"1882844844859
"Långt härifrån"2114116268133
"Vad som än händer"6621482422441
"En enda gång"8268221111234

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