Melodics is the features of melody that are characteristic for a particular style, period, or group of composers, e.g. baroque melodics, the melodics of Frédéric Chopin's compositions. Melodics is an element of a musical work which orders the sequence of sounds of different registers and duration time.

The two basic kinds of melodics – vocal and instrumental – are combined with the main executive means. The rest derive directly from the two above and reciprocally diffuse one another.

Kinds of melodics

Obviously in vocal music, besides canticle melodics, figurative and ornamental ones are also encountered, but its performance requires from the singer numerous exercises as the human hearing apparatus is technically confined. What concerns instrumental music - there appear not only typical for it figurative melodics, but also canticle and ornamental melodics.

On account of the direction of the play we distinguish following kinds of melodics:

Beyond these we have also:

On account of the kind of singing we can distinguish following melodics:


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