Melodic Records

Melodic Records
Genre Alternative, Electronic, Indie
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Manchester
Official website

Melodic Records is a British independent record label founded by David Cooper in 1999. Based in Manchester, England, the label has recently released their 100th release as of January 2015.

Current Melodic recording artists include Man Of Moon, The Drink, Febueder, Dark Dark Dark, Stephen Steinbrink, K-X-P, Malcolm Middleton and David Shrigley, Paume, Archie Pelago & Grenier, Patterns, Howes, L. Pierre, Working for a Nuclear Free City, The Soundcarriers, Windmill, Michael A Grammar, The Longcut and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Melodic's first release was the debut EP from Pedro (aka James Rutledge) in 1999. Over the years the label has been active they have released records for the likes of Baikonour, Topo Gigio, Department of Eagles, The Isles, Outputmessage, Harrisons, ARMS, The Earlies, Micah P Hinson, the Nine Black Alps, Dungen, Minotaur Shock and Psapp.

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